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Wednesday Weigh-in: Shrinkvivor Week #3

Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!I feel so much better about how this week has gone!  Thanks to the encouragement from the wonderful ladies at the Sisterhood last week (after my pity-party weigh-in post), I feel like I have a much better perspective on the challenge and my success in getting healthy and fit has nothing to do with whether or not I end up on Exile Island.  Although, my office just moved closer to home and I would totally love to have that kickin’ bike to ride to work!

We had two challenges again this week – one physical and the other non-physical.  The physical challenges are what count towards team immunity.  This week’s physical challenge was to track your exercise minutes.  I racked up 150 minutes.  I would have like to have done more but again I am really trying to pace myself and not overdo it.  I have mostly been walking but I did a work out DVD yesterday and it about did me in!  I described it on Twitter as it felt like I had ripped an adhesion.  Of course I have no way to know that but if I had to describe it, that is the best way I know how.  So I will be taking it easy today.

The non-physical challenge was no fast food.  And seriously I made it all week!  I did have 2 or 3 of Abby’s fries on Friday but that was it!  No meals out for me!  That is really HUGE!  Of course we were suppose to keep up drinking our water which I did ok but not great on.  Always something to improve on!

So I felt more optimistic about hopping on the scale this morning and this is what it said:

weigh-inHOLY COW!

I’m down 2.8 pounds from last week!  Hooray!  I am so close to that 35 pound mark I can taste it!  I wanted to do a happy dance I was so excited to see that number!

So today if off to a great start!  I had a great weigh-in and am also rocking a new haircut!  I’m a little bummed that my highlights didn’t take (they were suppose to be violet but turned more of a mahogany – don’t know if meds have something to do with it) but I am having a re-do on Friday!  But here’s the cut:

new do

So here are my stats:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge Starting Weight: 133.4

Challenge Goal Weight (11/2): 128

Last week’s weigh-in: 132.8
Today’s weigh-in: 130.0
Change: -2.8

Overall Change: -34.4

Challenge Change: -3.4

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15 comments on “Wednesday Weigh-in: Shrinkvivor Week #3

  1. Brooke says:

    you look super cute!! 🙂 great job on the loss this week too – you’re almost to goal! that’s incredible!

  2. Katie says:


  3. Ashlee says:

    You go girl! I just recently started Weight Watchers. We went on a quick vacation and I was a bad, bad girl. You have motivated me to start again!

  4. Trish says:

    YAYAYAYAY! That is so awesome!

  5. Christy_TheSisterhood says:

    GO JAMEE!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you! Great numbers this week, and your hair is so beautiful 🙂

  6. Erin W. says:

    such a cute haircut! you did fantastic this week, you are so close to your goal! keep it up!

  7. Thea @ Shrinking Jeans says:

    You’re so stinkin’ cute.

    And congrats on the loss this week! That’s awesome!!! You’re going to get that 35# badge before you know it.

  8. roo says:

    Yay for a great week!!!!

  9. Bari says:

    Wow! You are doing SOOO Well on the challenges and the losses. Plus, your new haircut is super cute. Bummer the purple didn’t take.

  10. Baffled says:

    WooHoo!! And a great haircut to boot!


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