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Wednesday Weigh-in: Shrink into Summer #4

I run with the SisterhoodThis check-in is going to be short & sweet as my blog is under construction as I’m moving to WordPress!  Please standby 🙂

This week has been going well!  After my flare died down, I was able to restart C25K yesterday and I got in a workout this am too!  Today’s weight – 142.2! Woo-hoo!

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 164.4
Challenge starting weight: 146.6
Challenge Goal Weight: 140.0

Last week’s weigh-in: 143
Today’s weigh-in: 142.2
Change: -0.08

Challenge Change: -4.4
Overall Change: -22.2

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2 comments on “Wednesday Weigh-in: Shrink into Summer #4

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Jamee!

    I wanted to let you know that you have won a blog award! Please come visit me at http://gentlehugs.livejournal.com/43123.html .



  2. Thea says:

    That’s awesome! congrats on the loss!!


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