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Wednesday Weigh-in #7 – Spring Fling Challenge

Can I just start this post by saying how hungry I am?  Seriously the clock reads 9:26am and I am already starving.  This whole liquid diet thing stinks!

Anyhoo, today is weigh-in day.  I had mixed emotions hopping on the scale this morning.  But the results were the same as last week.  Holding on at 150.6.  The past few mornings I have weighed in slightly lower but I think my crappy dinner choice last night (with the addition of some ice cream) blew it.  I’m mad at myself for allowing to me to talk myself into eating whatever I wanted last night since I would be doing the bowel prep torture today.  There is nothing that can be done about it now so I will move on.

I did get some extra motivation this week after seeing Skillet in concert on Sunday night (the show was a.maz.ing)  You see, my next tattoo is going to be a line out of my favorite song “Whispers in the Dark” and I plan on putting the new tat on my right abdomen/rib area.  And I can’t do that if I’m still flabby!  So I’m extra motivated to drop these pounds to get to my goal weight!  My final reward tattoo is calling me!

So here are the stats:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge Starting weight: 156.8
Challenge Goal:  148.0

Last week’s weigh-in:  150.6
Today’s weigh-in:  150.6
Change:  0
Change for Challenge: -6.2
Overall Change: -13.8

I just need to drop 2.6 pounds to reach my goal weight for the challenge!  Almost there!

I love hearing from you!

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