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Wednesday Weigh-in!

Rethink Your Shrink!I so needed some positive news this morning!  So I hopped on the scale and it read…


I was absolutely floored!  I mean I was thinking that I had a loss but I never would have imagined 3.8 pounds!  I am so excited!  This is definitely the motivation I was needing!  So now I will be doing the happy dance all day!  And will now probably have the willpower to avoid the cake (with yummy buttercream icing) that is calling my name from the breakroom 🙂

Starting weight:  164.4
3 month goal (3/9/10): 149.4

Last weigh-in:  163.8
Today’s weigh-in:  160.0
Change:  -3.8

Overall Change:  -4.4

I love hearing from you!

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