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Wednesday Check-in: Down & Dirty in 30 Challenge

It’s that time of the week again and its the first check in for the Down & Dirty in 30 Challenge!  This is the newest team challenge over at the Sisterhood!  I am on the Outrageous Outlaw Team and we are totally going to kick some booty!

But onto my check-in (they have replaced the dreaded title of “weigh-in” as honestly there

are a lot of Sisters who have met their weight goal but have other goals in mind!).  As I previously stated, I know that my team is going to kick some booty but I didn’t quite achieve that this week (which gives me a swift kick in the rear to make it happen!).

Today’s weight was 138.4 so I am up 1 pound from last week.  Really not happy about that.  I’ve been in flare-mode since Saturday night so I haven’t been able to run.  Unfortunately I’m having the exact same pain that I had before my hysterectomy (like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my pelvic bones while at the same time feeling “stuck”).  I’m trying not to get worked up over it as I had an ultrasound last week and it didn’t show any visible scar tissue issues but I also know that most endo and scar tissue doesn’t show up at all.  But I also haven’t quite been sticking to healthy choices.  I think I’ve ridden the free weight loss from Celiac as long as it will go and its time to get my butt in gear and start making better choices.

So I started today.  Instead of my typical morning Coke, I am having a bottle of water.  You have to start small right?  In addition to tracking my weight, I’m going to start tracking inches lost as well but I will just keep those updated on my Training/Weight Loss page.

So here are my stats:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge Starting Weight: 137.4

Challenge Goal: 132

Last week’s weigh-in: 137.4
Today’s weigh-in: 138.4
Change: +1

Challenge Change: +1

Overall Change: -26.0

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11 comments on “Wednesday Check-in: Down & Dirty in 30 Challenge

  1. Oh! I love that scale! Remember, the scale SHOULD move +/- 5 lbs on a regular basis, depending on water, monthly time, ect! YOu are doing awesome!

  2. Sara R-The Millennial Housewife says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by yesterday! As for the baking soda paste, I like the paste to be thick. I don’t really have a receipe – I just would sprinkle extra powder on as I thought I needed to! My soap scum is really bad! Great blog and I will “talk” to you again soon!

  3. Bari says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about that 1 pound. You’ll have that gone in no time. I love that scale! That’s exactly what we all need, plus a mirror that says we look fabulous!

  4. xj says:

    I love that scale!

    And even though you didn’t have a loss, I admire your reset as of today! I’m sure you’ll do great the next 3 weeks!

    • Jamee says:

      I so want to buy that scale! The $45 price tag is what is holding me back! Plus I’m not sure the husband would like a sparkly scale 🙂

  5. Lindsey says:

    You are making so much progress! Don’t let 1 pound discourage you!

  6. Christy_TheSisterhood says:

    You’re doing an awesome job, Jamee! I’m sure that weight plus some will be gone next week. I hope you feel better soon, and can get back to your regular activities 🙂 xoxoxo

  7. Jamie says:

    Your stats so far are awesome. Don’t let one little pound get you down.

    PLUS, I’m going to ditch my mean old scale for that one. I need less bad news and more cute and adorable. 😉

  8. homemom3 says:

    I haven’t had the courage to post on my blog yet with my weight. Hoping to have it Monday. My goal for now is to get to 160. You are doing great! I love the scale you have there.


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