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Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans: Spring in 2 Action Kick-Off!

Spring In2 Action It’s time to get off my keyster and get into gear! Warm weather is right around the corner and I want to be ready!The cool thing about this new Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans challenge is that we have a partner! Loving having the buddy-system! My partner is the awesome Andrea from The Love Bug Adventures (so be sure and check her out!) and we are the Pink Ladies! Woot!

More than anything during this challenge, I want to get a healthy mindset on health & my relationship with food. I either obsess over  numbers or let myself completely go but then feel guilty and ashamed and I know that its not a healthy mindset. After reading tons of reviews, I’ve ordered Intuitive Eating which should be here tomorrow so I’m looking forward to reading it! I don’t want to live the rest of my life on a diet but instead what to have a healthy perspective on eating and what I’m putting into my body.

In addition to getting a healthy mindset on eating, I’m definitely ready to pick up the pace exercise-wise! I definitely wouldn’t say I’m pain-free by any means but I am feeling better than I have in a long time (when I remember to take my meds! Oops). My chiropractic visits have made a HUGE difference with my SI joint issues so I’m ready to start pounding the pavement! Plus we are doing the hundred push-up challenge so I’m pretty excited about that!

So here is my info for my initial check-in for the Spring in 2 Action challenge:

Starting Weight: 133.4

Goal Weight: 128

Measurements: will add tonight after work

Initial Push-up Test Results: 12

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5 comments on “Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans: Spring in 2 Action Kick-Off!

  1. Shileen @ The Wonder Woman Challenge says:

    Hi Jamee! You can sooo do this! I love your challenge name .. “spring into action challenge”. I may borrow if that if you don’t mind. I have the book that you just ordered. I can’t remember much about it other than it resonating with me because I had and have been on that intuitive style eating journey. You are on the right path! Check out the weight loss category on my website … I have a couple of posts of that nature you mind find encouraging.

    Oh and by the way I’ve started my own “spring into action challenge”. I put on a few pounds in the last 6 months or so … so I’m with ya girl! Time to get ready for bathing suit & shorts weather! =)

    Good to read that you are feeling better!

  2. Tami Q says:

    The book sounds interesting.

    Best wishes to you and your team mate during this challenge!

  3. Judy Jeute says:

    I am very excited to hear that you are feeling better, and even more so that you are wanting to get a healthy relationship with yourself. As a fellow chronic pain sufferer…I do have to say that a couple of words really jumped out at me with a red flag…spring and pound!!! Please be careful and go slowly…I have guns quite similar to that picture all from Yoga! No pounding necessary. I know I am being a bit too literal here, I just know what it’s like to start feeling good, get going too fast, and then relapse…it can be a vicious circle. So again, my caution is to start slowly…gain momentum, and take off!!!!

  4. I’ve heard several people that really like Intuitive Eating! I hope it works well for you! Good luck on the challenge!!


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