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Wednesday Check-in: Summer Challenge!

I had every intention of hopping on the scale this morning and whipping out the measuring tape but my intentions were blown away by a 2 year old with a 104 fever at 3am. She came toddling in our room about 1am, which is not unusual – we still cosleep often. Usually she likes to get in between us and spread out (like kick-one-of-us-out-of-the-bed-spread-out) but last night she wanted to sleep on me so I knew she didn’t feel good. Around 3am she started getting really restless which woke me up and I swear it was like I had a radiator next to me. Even her little feet were burning up! So I woke up Hubs and we found the thermometer and ibuprofen and worked up a “who’s going to stay home plan.” We decided to split the day – I would stay home for the morning shift and he would take afternoon. Needless to say, remembering to do weight/measurements didn’t happen but I am posting anyway because there is good news:

A new challenge is kicking off at the Sisterhood and there is plenty of time for YOU to join!

The new challenge, Burst into Summer,  kicks of June 15th and runs through August 11th! Eleven weeks of butt-kickin’ action! The challenge will consist of teams of 5 (all randomly selected so you get to meet cool new gals!) although you can do it solo if you choose. They will also be offering a 6 week bootcamp class for FREE which will run MWF starting June 20th. When I registered, I didn’t commit to the bootcamp training not that I’m not going to give it a whirl (because I love bootcamp style workouts) but because I want to be sure my body can handle it. You can also choose to be on a Loser team (meaning weight loss is the goal) or a Non-loser team (meaning the goal is toning or fitness) so you can be better matched with a team!

I filled out my registration this morning as I’ve officially got 95 days to be the hot mom at Disney!

disney world welcome


Who’s with me?


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3 comments on “Wednesday Check-in: Summer Challenge!

  1. Emily says:

    I hope she feels better soon!

    I might check out the Sisterhood, I’ve been working on getting in shape, and the more accountability the better!

    • Jamee says:

      The Sisterhood is awesome! They are the reason why I’ve been able to lose my 30+ lbs!

  2. Missy says:

    Good luck on your challenge!


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