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Monday Project #2 – The Motivation Wall

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday ProjectIt’s time for Monday Project #2 over at the Sisterhood.  You still haven’t signed up?  Head on over there asap!  It’s not too late!

This week’s project involved creating a motivation wall.  This could be anything from a corkboard to a white board to your fridge (which you will see that I utilized) and plaster it will pictures, quotes, and anything else to keep you motivated throughout the challenge!  I had actually started creating mine before Rethink Your Shrink began.  I included pictures of me at my goal weight, photos of the ocean (I want to look killer when we go to the beach this summer), motivational quotes, and a couple pictures of one of my favorite actresses Pauley Perette.  If you don’t who that is, she plays Abby on NCIS which is one of my favorite TV characters.  She is also beautiful with a rocker edge.  She’s thin without being scrawny (not that I could be scrawny if I tried).  So I made my collage of sorts and posted it on my fridge.  In the dead middle is a goal meter that I get the joy of coloring in as I drop pounds.  Its nice having a visual!  Now every time I go to open the fridge I am reminded of my goals and am motivated to stick to the plan!  Here is a picture of mine:

So I highly recommend making a Motivation Wall if you haven’t already!


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