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Final Weigh-in for the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge!

Rethink Your Shrink!
I was anxious to step on the scale this morning as I was worried about reversing the loss from last week but I am still moving in the right direction!


So that puts me down 1.6 pounds from last week!  Woo-hoo!  I am so ready to get back to working out!  I am ready to see those numbers continue to drop!  I got my new workout videos in yesterday to I am ready to try them out but my ankle is still sore and a little swollen.  I don’t think its high impact or anything so I may watch it this evening to see if I think I will be able to tolerate it.  

I just can’t believe its the final weigh-in for the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge!  I’m so sad!  But excited that a new challenge begins Feb 12th!  The Shrinking Jeans Olympics!  So head over to the Sisterhood and check it out!

Starting weight:  164.4
3 month goal (3/9/10): 149.4

Last weigh-in:  160.0
Today’s weigh-in:  158.4
Change:  -1.6

Overall Change:  -6


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