weight loss

Day 2

So far so good. No major side effects to report. The only things I am noticing are more of withdrawal symptoms from my Effexor since Savella and Effexor cannot be taken together. I never thought I would hope for a side effect but after reading some of the drug reviews I noticed that there were many individuals who stated that Savella suppressed their appetite and that they lost weight while taking it. So if I could special order a side effect, that would be one of them!

I started Weight Watchers back full-swing last week and I am happy to report that I am -1.4 pounds from my starting weight! Only 35 more to go! It would be nice to have some extra assistance but if nothing else I am praying this new med doesn’t cause weight gain (such is the case with Lyrica). So hopefully you won’t fine me doing this –>

I love hearing from you!

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