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Shrinkvivor Season 2 Week 4!


Due to the Week in My Life series last week, I missed my weekly Shrinkvivor post but that didn’t mean that I didn’t check-in! Last week was a little depressing as I registered a gain of 1.4lbs (141.2) so I fully expected to be floating to Exile Island but by grace I got to stay a part of Tribe Gold.


I was really worried this morning when it came time to weigh-in. Pain this week has been very intense, specifically on my left side (where they found most of the damage). The pain is starting to shoot down my left leg (with some tingling & numbness) as well as having some bladder & GI issues so I’m having to go back to my dr/surgeon. They cannot see me until Halloween unless they have a cancellation so I am trying to be patient while I wait.


So here are the results from today’s weigh-in – 138.8! Down 2.4 from last week which puts me down 4lbs overall for the challenge! It was a great belated birthday gift! I was not able to log any exercise minutes bc of pain (boo!) but at least I feel like I was a little more successful as a part of my tribe this week! It definitely has me re-energized to really see those numbers continue to drop for the challenge! Go Tribe Gold!

Here are my stats:

Starting Weight: 142.8

Goal Weight: 135

Current Weight: 138.8

Change: -4.0lbs


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Shrinkvivor Season 2: Week 2

SHRINKVIVOR CHALLENGEIt’s weigh-in day over at the Sisterhood for Shrinkvivor! It has been a frustrating week symptom-wise from the Megace treatment. I finally got a prescription for Zofran to make the nausea more tolerable but my insurance will only pay for 12 pills a month so I’m going to see if I can appeal as I can easily go through that in a week! I’ve done a pretty good job sticking to calorie counting. I can’t say I’m doing a very good job at eating well balanced meals but at the moment I’m working on eating anything that will not cause my GI system to hate me! Still, I’ve been worried about the whole weight gain thing from the treatment since its that #1 side effect so I was excited when I hopped on the scale this morning:

I am down 3 pounds!!! Woo-hoo!

This past week’s mini-challenge was counting exercise minutes and I am proud to share 77 minutes! I know for most people that’s not a huge deal but for someone who’s just 8 weeks post-op and was practically bed-bound for many weeks prior to that, I am super stoked!

This week’s mini-challenge is working on getting a good night’s sleep! For me, the struggle is not the quantity of hours but the quality of hours so I’m going to try to do my best to work on getting quality sleep (which I admit is a struggle with a 2 year old sometimes) which means turning off the phone and TV at a decent hour!

Here are my stats so far:

Starting Weight: 142.8

Goal Weight: 135

Current Weight: 139.8

Change: -3.0lbs

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Shrinkvivor Season 2: Week 1


I was so excited when the Sisterhood announced that they were bringing back Shrinkvivor! I have loved all of the challenges they put together but by far Shrinkvivor was my favorite so I’m super excited to be on board again!


For this challenge, members are divided into tribes, just like on Survivor. Each Wednesday there is a weigh-in and a vote to cast one tribe member to Exile Island. However, each week there will be a challenge which winning can earn a team immunity! This weeks challenge is to count all exercise minutes!


For this challenge, I am super excited to be a part of Tribe Gold which is an awesome group of ladies! I’ve been cleared to resume physical activity (slowly of course) so this week’s challenge definitely gives me some motivation to start walking again, even if I start out with just 15 minutes at a time. My new treatment is still giving me a pretty rough time but this challenge will give me something positive to focus on so I’m really looking forward to it! I will be tracking my calories at MyFitnessPal and will be tracking my activity using DailyMile so feel free to friend me to keep me accountable!


As a part of the initial check-in, we are required to photograph our starting weights, so here we go:

shrinkvivor weigh in week 1

Game on!