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Wednesday Weigh-in: Shink into Summer Finale!

I cannot believe that the Shrink into Summer challenge at the Sisterhood is already over!  It went by so fast!  Hopefully there is another challenge in on the books because I am totally ready to drop the last 12 pounds!  That’s right!  That’s all I have left to lose!  This morning’s weigh-in was 137.2! That’s down 1.6 from last week!  I am so excited and seeing that number get lower and lower is so motivating to get me to my goal!

I wasn’t able to run this morning (boo!) as I feel on the verge of a flare so I feel like its better to take a day off then to push through and end up much worse than I started off.  I must say that the bonus of living with chronic illness is that it teaches you to be very in tune with your body so when I felt the flare coming I tried to be sure to rest.  Last night I spent the evening curled up in our big chair with my pillow, laptop, and NCIS.

So onto the final results:

Starting weight: 164.4
Challenge starting weight: 146.6
Challenge Goal Weight: 140.0

Last week’s weigh-in: 138.8
Today’s weigh-in: 137.2
Change: -1.6

Challenge Change: -9.4
Overall Change: -27.2

I cannot believe that I was able to lose over 9 pounds on this challenge!  My goal was 6.6!  I am so close that the 30# mark I can taste it!

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Wednesday Weigh-in: Shink into Summer #7

Only one more week of the challenge!  Ah!  I can’t believe it!  It has truly flown!  For me personally, it has definitely been my most successful challenge as I actually reached my goal!  With a little help from Celiac of course.  As much as I really wish I reached my goal because of my steadfast adherence to a healthy diet and daily exercise, I can’t.  The side effects of Celiac were definitely in my favor for this challenge.  But I’ve still gotten my butt in gear and have completed 3 weeks of C25K already and am determined to see it through and begin running some 5ks this fall!

I wish I could say that I was super excited about the results of today’s weigh-in but I’m not.  Its my first gain of the challenge.  I am up 0.6 for the week which puts my weight at 138.8.  I was actually down when I hopped on the scale this weekend but my love of ice cream got the better of me the past two days.  So I’m just going to pick myself up, dust off, and get back at it.

In work out style news, I picked up some new work out clothes at no place other than wal-mart!  As much as I would love to go crazy at Nike getting gear (I PPH their tempo running shorts), its just not feasible at this moment so I browsed the Danskin area at Walmart and came across some cute shorts and tanks!  And I was so amazed my how much I like them once I got home!  The tanks (at an amazing steal of $4) were so flattering!  I felt so skinny!  And the shorts were comfy too!  So just in case you are looking for some budget-friendly work out apparel, you may want to check it out!  Back to the business at hand . . .

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 164.4
Challenge starting weight: 146.6
Challenge Goal Weight: 140.0

Last week’s weigh-in: 138.2
Today’s weigh-in: 138.8
Change: +0.6

Challenge Change: -7.8
Overall Change: -25.6

If you haven’t noticed, I have created some pages that you can check out at the top of the far right column!  Once the new design is complete, I’ll have a menu bar but for the time being it will have to do!  Please check them out as I even have a page dedicated to my weight loss and 5k training!

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Wednesday Weigh-in: Shrink into Summer #6

I can not believe that there is only 2 weeks left of the challenge!  I always hate to see them end!  I will admit that I have stunk at doing any of the mini-challenges (shame on me).  But I feel like I’ve been successful.  I’m still trying to work on having a balanced, well-rounded diet with Celiac.  I still tend to eat the same things but hopefully as the big house projects dwindle down, I will have more time to cook and try out new recipes.

I finished Week 3 Day 2 of C25K this morning!  I chose the same route as Monday (which about killed me) but I kicked its butt this morning!  It was nice and cool with a slight breeze.  The loop has some decent hills so hopefully it will add some toning!  I am still longing for the new Reebok Runtones.  Has anyone tried those?  I can definitely tell in pictures (like the ones yesterday from the zoo) where I have lost weight but I can tell that I definitely need to do some toning.

So here’s the results after hopping on the scale:  138.2! Which makes my stats:

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 164.4
Challenge starting weight: 146.6
Challenge Goal Weight: 140.0

Last week’s weigh-in: 139.8
Today’s weigh-in: 138.2
Change: -1.6

Challenge Change: -8.4
Overall Change: -26.2

I crossed the 25lb mark!  Yay!!!!!