My Hospital Saga – Part 2

Yesterday I headed to Charlotte with my husband for my follow-up visit with my gastroenterologist after my weekend trip to the ER. I wasn't able to see my primary GI doctor because they wanted me to get in as soon as possible so my appointment was set up with one of his associates so I really … Continue reading

Shifting Gears

Within the next month I will have four doctors appointments if you include the trip to my rheumatologist on Tuesday and if they are all as productive has Tuesday, I will be thrilled. When I first left my rheum appointment, I cried as I once again felt like we were grasping at straws hoping for … Continue reading

Choosing To Fight

If  you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I had a not-so-hot doctor's appointment yesterday morning. This past weekend was the worst flare I've had to date. I was in bed pretty much from 5pm Friday until 7am Monday. Nothing, I mean nothing, seemed to be helping the pain. Even my … Continue reading

Too Tired to Fight

My heart is broken into a thousand pieces as I write this. I am a part of an endometriosis support group on Facebook where 2000 ladies can come find support, encouragement, and support. Today we gathered together in prayer for one of our sisters who decided she couldn't live with the pain anymore … Continue reading