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Old School Blogging

I am excited to be linking up with The Miss Elaine-ous Life & ThetaMom for another round of Old School Blogging! Sometimes its fun to do a throw-back survey and enjoy getting to know others in the blogging community! I love these things! A new Old School Blogging meme will go live every month! Be sure to check out the link-up and follow the hashtag #OSBlog!

Onto March’s questions:

 What were you doing 10 years ago?

At this time 1o years ago, I was preparing like mad for my senior recital! I was a music education major in college and my primary instrument was the horn! I know, I know. The absolute geekiest instrument on the face of the planet! I enjoyed it though as well as taking voice lessons, singing in the choir, and praying to pass my piano proficiency so I could complete my student teaching!


What 5 Things Are On Your To-Do List:

Purchase tile for our bathroom floor

Shop for new cell phone

Take photos & list clothes on Poshmark

Survive my last week of work

Complete all the paperwork associated with the previous item


What Are 5 Snacks You Enjoy?

String cheese

Sugar-free pudding

Jelly Beans

Apple slices



Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Donate to our church & favorite charities

Purchase a newer car (we are rocking a ’95 and a ’03)

Completely gut our kitchen

I’m sure I would fill out my closet a little bit

Disney, Disney, and more Disney


Some places you have lived:

Rome, NY (born there)

Charleston, SC

A small town in Virginia and then

an even smaller town in North Carolina


Name some bad habits you have:

Destroying my nails when I’m anxious

Becoming completely overwhelmed by little things when I flare

Two words – Road Rage.


Name some jobs you have had:

I totally rocked the Wendy’s uniform after high school

I have worked at both a department store and overstock bookstore

I have also worked at a ropes course and as a children’s minister


How would you answer these questions?

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Current Book(s) >>  I am also done reading Paranormal State by Ryan Buell. I got sucked into the show during my recovery. It has been an interesting read after hearing experiences that my grandmother and close family friends had growing up.

Current Playlist >>   I’ve been bouncing between a playlist of old country favorites like Clay Walker and Little Texas and a Boyz II Men greatest hits album! Talk about taking me back to middle school & high school 🙂

Rockin' My New Hairdo!

my new highlights!

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure >>  KinniToos – the gluten-free equivalent of Oreos

Current Color >>  Pink. Going back to my first love!

Current Drink >>  Coke! Still struggling with heavy nausea so Coke is my constant companion!

Current Food >>  Kix. When my system is feeling sketch, it is my current go-to.

Current Favorite Show >>  Bones! After my last hospital discharge I started at the beginning of the series. Thank goodness for Netflix!

Current Wishlist >>  New jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers for fall! I’ve lost weight since my surgery which is a bonus and while I can fit into my “skinny” clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear since before Christmas, my incision and the button placement do not get along so some “in between” clothes would be awesome!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence >>  Not sleeping. I may seriously lose it if I do not get a good night’s sleep soon!

Current Slang or Saying >>  “I’m going to lose it.” See above. It has been a big factor.

Current Outfit >>  When I’m not at work, its all about yoga pants and my Fight Like a Girl hoodie!

Current Excitement >>  I’ve made it half-way through the week of John being out of town (out of the country actually) and I haven’t landed back in the hospital! That’s a big deal!

Current Mood >>  Exhausted but generally happy!

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Right Now

I saw this cute little meme floating around the blogosphere and I needed something cute and fun this morning so here goes!

Right now I am:

watching:  Nada. I’m listening to my Christmas playlist though.

eating: just finished up a bowl of  Marshmallow Pebbles

drinking:  Dr. Pepper

wearing:  dark wash trouser jeans, black turtleneck sweater, and flats

avoiding:  checking voicemail. I hate voicemail. With a passion.

feeling:  affirmed. I read a really good article this morning about what it really means to have endometriosis and it definitely gave me some validation after a pretty painful weekend so I feel like I’m ready to fight today!

missing:  my family! This was the first time that all 3 of us kids had been home at the same time in almost a year!

siblings and cousins Christmas gathering

thankful:  for my amazing husband who is incredibly supportive and such an amazing daddy to our baby girl!

our little diverse family

weather:  cold & rainy! Yuck!

praying:  a dear blog friend who just lost her father & is traveling today to be with her family

needing:  a new left hip

thinking: of baking our first batch of Christmas cookies tonight with Abby

loving:  my TENs unit!

Empi TENS unit


What are you doing right now?