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10 Funny Things You Didn’t Know About Me in College

Funny Thing About Me In College

I thought that it was time to start adding some funny posts into Bloguary and I thought why not start with the time period of my life that happened just before I started my blog so here are 10 funny things that you didn’t know about me in college (in no particular order):

  1. My first ever concert was going to see Chris LeDoux my freshman year at a place called Coyote Joe’s and I totally rocked a black Stetson cowboy hat. I made being a cowgirl look good!
  2. Each semester of my freshman year, I took an intensive French class. The course was worth 6 credit hours which meant spending a total of 8 hours a week in class once you factored in the lab time. I took five years of French before I reached college so instead of starting out at the 101 level, I went in at the 301 level. In high school, we spent time speaking in French obviously but there was a lot more focus on writing. In college however speaking was the primary focus and because it was a 301 level course, there was no speaking English right out of the gate. I left each class at least the first two weeks in tears. Eventually, however, because the class was so immersive, I went to my other courses and began translating everything the professor was saying in English into French and even began occasionally dreaming in French. I was one class short of a French minor but it meant taking a summer class and I wasn’t having that.
  3. My sophomore year, good guy friend was going to give me a goodnight hug and tripped. We landed on the sidewalk and my shoulder hit just perfectly at a spot where the sidewalk was uneven causing me to strain my shoulder, end up in a sling for a month, and needing to see a chiropractor for I have no idea how many months. My parents did not see the humor in this at all but the chances of his tripping and me landing in the exact, precise spot where I did – the only spot in that entire area that would have caused the injury it did – was astronomical and in its own way hilarious because thats just my luck. Its how I roll.
  4. Just before said accident happened, I had a wild hair (pun intended) and chopped off my shoulder length blond hair into an auburn sassy pixie cut à la Wionna Ryder. It totally helped to only have hair about an inch long when you couldn’t life one arm over your head for nearly a month. The stylist that cut my hair was named Butch (I am totally not making this up) and he was beyond excited to do this cut because he had spent the majority of his day styling senior ladies hair so the change of pace was just what he needed and its not often he got to cut such a daring style at the time. This haircut is what started my love affair with short hair and up until I started growing out my hair two years ago, I never had hair past my shoulders from the years 2000 to 2016.
  5. One year for Homecoming the theme was “Through The Years” and the pep band adapted the them to “Musicians Through The Years” and since I rocked short hair, I dressed up as Pink in her early years complete with the obvious pink hair, crop top and pleather pants. Let me just say that pleather pants in September in North Carolina is NOT a good idea. I had sweat just pouring down my legs the entire football game. I am honestly surprised I did not pass out from heat exhaustion! I will admit though that I looked pretty good. I hate that all this happened before the days of social media!
  6. I initially got first aid certified because I thought the guy teaching the course was super cute. Sad but true.
  7. I was pursued twice to enter the starter division of the Miss North Carolina pageant by one of the pageant directors. I have never been in a beauty pageant – my apologies – a scholarship program in my life (outside of some really bizarre makeshift pageant at church camp in the 7th grade) and while the idea of all the glamour seemed fun, the thought of having to wear a bathing suit on stage in front of all those people was terrifying.
  8. I was a music education major which required that I perform a senior recital. My primary instrument was the horn (most people know it as the french horn aka the geekiest instrument known to man) which required me to spit on stage. I was totally rocking a gorgeous green formal dress and spitting on stage. Classy.
  9. Not only did I have an instrumental focus, I also took voice lessons and sang in the concert choir. Every year we took a choir tour to various states over spring break (two years after I graduated they went to Ireland – jerks). One tradition that they had on tour every year was giving out funny awards at the end of the week. My junior year I received an award. Here is the background story: Our director’s favorite color was purple. He had no shame in his love of purple and we looked for every opportunity possible to exploit it. His last name was Etter and his first name started with P and at our university, the email was always created by using your first initial plus your last name so his email was petter@ouruniversity.edu which he hated because it made him sound like some kind of pervert which only gave us something else to laugh at. Anyways, one afternoon on choir tour, one of the guys was giving me a piggy back ride and someone behind me noticed that the band of my undies was purple and she loudly proclaimed, “Look! Jamee is wearing Petter-wear!” Needless to say at the end of the week, I was awarded the “Petter-wear Award.” Our director kept asking what it meant which made it even more humiliating (and admittedly, hilarious) which made me want to crawl under the bus seat.
  10. I met my husband his first weekend of college. I was a junior and he was a freshman. I started college at 17 so the age difference between us isn’t that big. We met at church where I sang in the praise band and my two friends who were his “big sisters” brought him to church to visit and he ended up playing bass in the praise band that morning.It took us some time to start dating because both of us were determined to not date and focus on our studies but God finally got it through our thick skulls and John drove us to Virginia that January to ask my Dad’s permission to date me (I know, I thought it was weird at the time too but won major brownie points with my dad) and we went on our first official date that Valentine’s Day and have been together ever since. John always teases that I took away his chance to have any kind of fun in college but I know I saved him a lot of heartache. Silly boys!

There you are folks. Ten funny things about my college years that you didn’t know before and now your life is so much greater now that you know!

Now that I’ve shared mine, you need to share yours! What are some funny things about your college years?


Old School Blogging: Full-on Randomness About Myself

It has been awhile since I have participated in the Old School Blogging linkups over at The Miss Elaine-ous Life so I thought it was time to rejoin the fun! It always reminds me of all the surveys back in the MySpace days! This month’s theme is “full-on random” so you’ll get to learn a little bit of anything and everything about me with this post!

Let’s jump on in!

If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose?

I know its no longer on air but I always wanted to be on What Not To Wear! I’m not a complete hot mess like the usual clientele of the show but I would love to have someone help me learn the best ways to dress my body!

Name one thing you have saved from your childhood?

My Cabbage Patch doll named Bruce. He went everywhere with me as a kid and now I get to see Abby loving on him too!

If your life had a theme song what would it be?

I would have to go with “Sick Of It” by Skillet! I know its the theme of Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness this year but it covers how I feel about many things in my life. Here’s a shot of me wearing my awesome Sick Of It shirt this past weekend:

Old School Blogging - Full-on Randomness

Where is your happy place?

I want to say Disney but since I can’t go there nearly as often as I would like, I’ll go with the beach!

Old School Blogging - Full-on Randomness

What is one thing about your home that you and your spouse disagree on?

Currently we cannot find a color to paint the office/guest room that we agree on!

What is your favorite fruit?

Definitely strawberries!

Bowtie or regular tie?

Definitely regular ties! I think Ducky is the only one that can truly rock the bowtie!

Mexican or Italian (food, not men)?

Oh my goodness this is a hard one! I love, love, love them both! I just cannot decide! Both are amazing!

Where do you want to go on Summer vacation?

We are heading out in less than two weeks to enjoy a nice spring break vacation with my entire family! We are going to Gatlinburg, TN and I am so excited! The resort we are staying in has a massive indoor water park so I am pretty sure we are going to be spending a lot of time there!

Wyndham Smokey Mountain Lodge

Source: Wyndham Smokey Mountain Lodge

I would love to take a trip to the beach this summer! I would say Disney but as much as I love it, I would not ever want to go in the summer. Big crowds and Florida heat & humidity? No thank you!

What are your go-to shoes in your closet?

My black Converse All-Stars! They are so cute and comfortable! I can’t wait to break out sandals though!


Now that you have learned some pure randomness about me, I want to learn some pure randomness about you! If you are a blogger and join in the Old School Blogging linkup, leave me a link to your post and if you aren’t, leave some answers the comments!

P.S. Don’t forget to stop by this week’s Blogging For Endometriosis Awareness linkup to enter the giveaway for beautiful endometriosis awareness jewelry!

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Fall Beauty Haul 2014

Finally crawling out from under my rock. I finally, finally got to see a neurologist today so I am praying that we can finally get these migraines under control so I can finally open my black out curtains and spend more than ten minutes in front of the computer screen without wanting to cry.

I will put up a post tomorrow with all the details of the visit and plans moving forward so I wanted to hop back in the blogosphere with something light-hearted so I wanted to share about my fall beauty haul and give some mini-reviews of the goodies I picked up on a blissful afternoon out of the house. I had just completed a project so I had a little fun money so I decided to do a little fall shopping.


Fall Beauty Hall 2014


I will start with September’s Ipsy bag. I have not shared the last two months because honestly, there was nothing really in either bag worth sharing. The only standout from July or August was a deluxe sample of the new Urban Decay Perversion Mascara which was amazing. I really didn’t want to like it but I really loved how black it was and how it made my lashes look. I just cannot talk myself into spending $22 on a mascara (even for a special occasion like my birthday).

Here are the September goodies:

September 2014 Ipsy Bag


I was actually very excited about this bag. The bag itself was adorable (hello, studs and gray? LOVE). Here is info on the items I received:

Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush: This was a nice brush. I don’t really use the crease end but I use the shadow end often and its really soft and does a good job blending out eyeshadow.

Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct: I am a fan of lip gloss and like nude glosses but as a very fair girl, I have to be very careful with the shade I use or else I look dead. This is one of those shades that make me look dead. The formula of the product is nice and the gloss felt nice on my lips but the shade was off for me personally.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask: Considering the abuse I put my hair through between lightening and coloring, I am always up for trying products that help repair some of the damage and keep my hair as healthy as possible. This mask was nice. I don’t dislike it but I can’t say that I am wowed by it either. It is hard to compare to the awesomeness of the NYC*EVA hair mask I received in a bag a few months ago (I promptly went out and bought the full size. That is how amazing it is).

NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Velvet: I am a huge fan of NYX. They have great products at great prices. This color is a perfect transition/crease shade. Love these shadows.

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in Red Red Wine: I had received an eyeshadow duo from Pacifica in an Ipsy bag a few months ago and wasn’t really impressed but I really like this nail polish. The formula is nice, was easy to apply and the color is absolutely perfect for fall.


On my afternoon beauty shopping trip, the first stop I made was at Sally Beauty because I really wanted to find a product to both repair and protect my hair. Like I said before, I know I can be pretty rough on it and now that I am trying to grow it back out, I need to try to keep it as healthy as possible.

Sally Beauty Healthy Hair Products

When I went in Sally Beauty, I picked up two products from the brand Zotos Professional. I had never heard of the brand before but I thought I would try it out (there was a buy one get one free sale so it didn’t hurt to give it a try!). I picked up the 180Pro Heat Rescue Leave-In Hydrator and the 180Pro Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator Treatment. So far I really like them and I have no complaints. Once I have been using them awhile, I can make a better judgement but so far so good!


The last stop of the afternoon was Ulta. I have only recently discovered Ulta (in the last six months or so) but I am hooked. I love that they have both drugstore and high end brands (even though, let’s face it, I can only shop on the drugstore side but it can be fun to browse!). I like to shop online to take advantage of Ebates but afternoon trips to Ulta have become a fun girls’ day outing with Abby and my surrogate niece/daughter/family Taylor.

These were some of the goodies (the second picture shows swatches of colors from left to right):

Fall Beauty Hall 2014



Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Sangria (actually picked up at CVS): This was actually the first lipstick I have ever tried from Milani but have heard raving reviews. I love their blushes, eye liners, and lip glosses so I was excited to finally try a lipstick and the color is perfect for fall.

Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Berry Tempting (CVS): This is third lip gloss I have tried and I love it just as much as I love the others. Beautiful shade for fall!

ELF Studio Eye Refresh (Target): Eh, not too much to say. Glad I only paid $3. Thumbs down.

NYX Lip Pencil in Blackberry: Not sure why the color swatches so weird. It looks brown in the picture but its really just a darker berry color. Points lost on my end for not noticing sooner. Apologies.

NYX Simply Vamp Lip Crayon in She Devil: These lip crayons are AMAZING! I am loving the darker, vampy colors for fall so when I saw that NYX put out a new line, I was super excited. Unfortunately I was not the only one that was excited because there was only one left in the entire collection in store. The sales associate said they few off the shelf. I was only able to pick up She Devil in store but have recently ordered three more online when Ulta had a NYX 40% off sale last week! I picked up Temptress, Covet, and Bewitched and they are just as gorgeous!

Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara: Stores sure know how to market and put just the right products in the checkout line to catch your attention. I have never tried any of the Ulta brand makeup but needed a new mascara so I picked this one up as it was on sale for $5. Its not a bad mascara but I’m not wowed. I like really black, really dramatic lashes so this didn’t quite reach that bar. It is a drier formula (which many people like) but its just not my preference, especially for top lashes. I will definitely use it up for either a base coat or my lower lashes but I probably wouldn’t repurchase this particular formula.

Prestige Cosmetics Brow Builder: I’ve never tried a gel eyebrow product before so I wanted to give this a shot. I tried it a couple different times to try to get the hang of it before making a judgement but this will be going back. I don’t think its necessarily the product that is the problem but its more of a color issue. This shade (medium/dark) is definitely too red for my brows. I may have better luck with the eyebrow pencil which has a wider color range.

Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Liners in Deepest Black and Daring Green: These eye liners are amazing. I am definitely not a pro at putting on eyeliner. These liners have a smooth texture that just seems to glide on. I don’t think they would be the best option for winged liner but are otherwise fantastic and great for the waterline.

Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Shadow in Hocus Pocus: O-M-G. This has to be one of the most gorgeous shadows I have ever tried. The duo chrome finish is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for fall. This shadow reminds me a lot of the Shade Shifter Shadows from Kat Von D which I love (but it looks like they may be getting discontinued). This shadow is very close to KVD’s On The Road. I most definitely want to try out more of these Prestige shadows! The eyeshadow swatch below Hocus Pocus is the NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Velvet and the lip gloss swatch to the right is the Cailyn lip gloss in Basic Instinct.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish in Make Waves: I haven’t tried this yet but I thought the color was absolutely beautiful! I originally found a similar shade in a Zoya polish but didn’t want to pay $9 for a nail polish so I am glad I found a cheaper alternative!

Revlon ColorStay Makeup in Ivory: Like one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus says, I am a pale princess. In a society that likes to equate beauty with a tan, I am happy to embrace my paleness. It just stinks sometimes trying to find a foundation that is light enough. There is no makeup sin worse than wearing foundation that is too dark or that just doesn’t match. Because I battle redness and the attractive butterfly rash, I prefer full coverage foundations and this one gets rave reviews so I am excited to give this a try.

Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator in Bare Light: Going into menopause at 26 has not been too kind for my skin and I feel like I’ve lost some of my youthful glow. This product comes in four different shades which can be mixed into your foundation for an allover glow or you can use a sponge or stippling brush for specific areas you would like to highlight such as the tops of your cheekbones. Being fair I found this product perfect of my skin tone and would be interested to try the other pink and peach shades!


My apologies for the length of this post but I hope I have been able to show off some fun products to try out or add to your collection for fall! Is there an awesome product that you love for fall that I should check out?