HAWMC Day 1: Why I write

I am super excited to be taking part in the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge which is being hosted by WEGO Health! The entire month of April will be dedicated to sharing our stories as well as educating and raising awareness! The first official prompt of the month was to talk about … Continue reading

Choosing To Fight

If  you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I had a not-so-hot doctor's appointment yesterday morning. This past weekend was the worst flare I've had to date. I was in bed pretty much from 5pm Friday until 7am Monday. Nothing, I mean nothing, seemed to be helping the pain. Even my … Continue reading

Trouble for those with IC

Last August I took a trip to the Duke Endo Center and the best thing to come out of that visit was my IC diagnosis. Since starting treatment, I have experienced a significant drop in my pelvic pain. However, there is now a nationwide shortage on Elmiron which is used to treat IC. I tried to get my … Continue reading