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HAWMC Day 6: Mapping It Out


Today’s assignment was to create a poem but I’ve always liked a more logical approach to things so I decided to do a mind map instead. Above is a pictorial version of what I consider holistic health. Often times with chronic illness our attention is focused on our physical ailments and every once in awhile we may take note of our mental health. Many times everything else just goes to the wayside. Have you ever felt this way?


I have both hands in the air on this one. I am totally guilty.


I think that is what I’m looking forward to the launch of Sharing Our Spoons. I need to be encouraged to look at my total health. Struggling with feeling spiritually barren is just as important to my total health as physically avoiding gluten.  Having an abundance of spoons physically aren’t as much fun if we allowed ourselves to become socially isolated. Are you getting the picture?


The mind map above just includes a handful of goals possible to help you and I put ourselves on track towards the best health possible.


Do you struggle with neglecting your total health? Which area do you have the most difficult with?