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What Is In Your Flare Survival Kit?

Flare Survival Kit

When I was discharged from the hospital last week, I went into a huge fibro flare. It wasn’t the typical joint pain flare but the hypersensitivity to touch and sound, the feeling of “restless body syndrome,” the muscle aches, the whole shebang. My mom actually laughed as I started pulling out my flare survival kit as here it was the end of July and I was pulling out a hoodie, my heated snuggie, and an ice pack. Its crazy the things that can provide relief in the midst of a flare. Also included in my survival kit are my Acer tablet, Netflix, yoga pants, a word find book, pain meds, and Coke!

So I got to thinking, I wonder what my other spoonie friends have in their survival kits? I asked on Facebook and here are some of the responses I got:

Cheryl said:

my teddy bear…it may sound silly, but sometimes you just need something to squeeze!

CC said:

chocolate, heating pad or heated blanket, Netflix, & a knitting project!

Heather said:

Heating pad, anti-diarrhea pills, a few good books, crackers, & pain pills

Mamie said:

iPad, soft blanket, oversized pants, & pain meds

Life Happens said:

phone, comfy loose-fitting tshirt-style gown (no waistbands or elastics of any kind), pillow (for inbetween my legs), pain pills, dulcolax, bubba keg of ice-water, heating pad, HuluPlus, and comfort-food.

Rebecca said: Fibro flare survival kit for me includes pain pills, a heating pad, some kind of comfort food, a book or two, my bed and my cat.

To Do List for Surviving a Flare


What is in your Flare Survival Kit?


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