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Overcoming Self-Consciousness When Battling Endometriosis

Today kicks off week 1 of the Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness campaign! This week’s post topic is how endometriosis has affected you physically. Linkup will be live throughout the rest of the month so you can link up anytime! Before to check out posts from fellow endosisters who have linked up and share posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to help spread awareness & use the tag #bloggingforendo! Don’t forget to share the word about our Blogging for Endometriosis fundraising campaign!

My journey with endometriosis started over ten years ago. Its hard to believe because it feels like it was just yesterday in some ways and it feels like it has been an eternity. Endometriosis has changed so many things about my life. I have lost so much time enduring countless surgeries and treatments, lost the ability to do some of the things I loved, lost my fertility, and lost my ability to lead the life of a “normal” 32 year old. Instead I am in the midst of filing disability.

Over the last six years of blogging, I have shared many posts about how endometriosis has affected my life physically. I have shared about the long term effects endo can have on your body and how exhausting dealing with pain on a daily basis can be. Probably one of the most popular posts I have ever written was sharing about the unspoken side effects of endometriosis over at the Fight Like A Girl Club.

One of the things I struggle with the most these days is overcoming self-consciousness and feeling insecure with the way I look. It goes deeper than worrying about exposing my scars. I feel like nothing in my body is the same anymore.

Going into menopause at the age of 26 and taking numerous hormonal treatments, my body shape has completely changed. Treatments make my weight flucuate. I carry weight in different areas than before. Between being bloated and endo/adhesion pain, it can make wearing certain types of clothes difficult. I wish overalls would come back in style so I wouldn’t have to worry about where waistbands hit in relation to my scars. Is that pathetic?

I feel like nothing is my body is working the way its supposed to. The hysterectomy was supposed to end my struggle with endometriosis and it hasn’t. My upper GI is completely paralyzed and my lower GI isn’t far behind. I feel like I’m in the cycle of taking medications to deal with side effects of the medications I need to function. There are days that the most minimal tasks can suck everything out of me. I feel like I am an 80 year old trapped in the body of a 32 year old woman.

All of these things make me feel so self conscious about my body. The way it looks. The way it functions. There are times it feels like its not even mine anymore. Maybe thats the reason why I have gotten into playing with make up recently. Makeup is fun to wear not matter what size you are. Maybe thats the reason why I have been loving having purple hair. I am trying to regain a piece of the confidence I seemed to have lost throughout the years. I am constantly reminding myself that I am wonderfully made by my Creator and that is what makes me beautiful.

I am work in progress.

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Blogging for Endometriosis

The kick-off to Endometriosis Awareness Month is right around the corner! A group of bloggers and myself would love for you to join in with us to help spread education and awareness regarding endometriosis! With 5.5 million women in North America alone being affected, there is a good chance that you know someone battling this often unrelenting disease.


To kick the month off, March 1st will be Yellow Shirt Day so sport your yellow loud & proud on Thursday! We would love to see social media turn yellow! We will hold a linkup here on Thursday for those who want to participate so we can be sure to stop by your blog and say thanks! If you don’t want to change your entire avatar, you can add an endometriosis awareness twibbon & we would be just as grateful!


Throughout the month of March, we will also be hosting a blog carnival with each week having a different topic to help share your story and experiences with endo to help create awareness as well as support and encouragement for our fellow endo warriors!


Here are the topics:

Week of March 5th: Physical impact that endometriosis has had on your life

Week of March 12th: Mental impact that endo has had on your life.

Week of March 19th: Fertility issues (if any) related to endo

Week of March 26th: Things that you have found helpful with endo or that have allow you to cope in spite of illness


You can also grab the Blogging for Endometriosis button to the right for your sidebar or posts! The more we can spread the yellow love the better!


Be sure to come back on Thursday and help up kick off Endo Awareness Month with a bang!

Participating Blogs:

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Upcoming Attractions

I’m really excited about some things that may be happening in the not-so-distant future and so happy to share them with you!


First off, my wonderful designer April from April Showers Blog Designs is going to help me spruce things up around A New Kind of Normal! I’m really excited to freshen up a bit! My design as stayed somewhat the same through the last several years and while I don’t want to completely abandon the current design (such as the colors which fit me perfectly) some change will be a good thing. So here is where I need some opinions from you beautiful readers – Keep the illustration in the header or ditch it? Any other suggestions, such as ways to make the design/layout easier to navigate, are welcomed!


The second awesome thing around the bend is Endomteriosis Awareness Month! We have 27 days until the kick-off on March 1st and we are hoping to take the blogosphere by storm! I am working with a couple other lovely bloggers to create a Blogging For Endometriosis Awareness campaign and we would love for you to be a part of it!

If you would like to take part in the planning process, drop me an email! Otherwise, we will be posting all of the events as awareness month draws closer! We hope to kick off the month by turning social media yellow for Yellow Shirt Day on March 1st! Don’t have a yellow shirt? Sounds like a great opportunity to shop! You can also grab the badge on the sidebar to help spread the word!