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11 in 2011: What are you looking forward to in 2011

In these series of posts, I’ve looked to the past year and the wonderful memories that were created and I’ve also looked to what lies ahead – the goals I have for the upcoming year and what plans lie ahead. It has been a great way to kick off the new year and I will say that I am extremely excited about 2011! Do I expect a miracle cure? No. Maybe we will be one step closer though. A girl can dream right?

What I am looking forward to the most includes:

Watching Abby continue to grow, celebrating her 2nd birthday (April 27), & our 2nd Family Day (June 22)!

Our trip to Disney

And turning 30! I never thought that I would look forward to my 3oth birthday but I am looking forward to kicking off a new decade with my family being completely comfortable with who I am and of course looking fabulous 🙂

What are you looking forward to the most in 2011?

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11 in 2011: Favorite Girls Night Out Events

These days Girls’ Nights Out are few and WAY too far between! But if I’m going to dream about one it would be a Girls WHOLE DAY Out for all of my mommy girlfriends and would include . . .

A trip to the spa for some pampering (and we could imagine we were somewhere exotic like Bora Bora)

Afternoon filled with shopping (without a stroller)

Ending with a wonderful meal

And then going to bed early without interruption! LOL 🙂

Yes. I am officially a mom.

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11 in 2011: Favorite Things to do on a cold winter day

What a perfect day to write this post! Currently its below 30deg outside and SNOWING! The snow started in the wee hours of the morning and is continuing to fall! It is suppose to keep it up through the night and finish off with some freezing rain/ice in the morning. I am really hoping to get another snow day off work tomorrow!

In thinking of my favorite things to do on a cold winter day, I realize that things have changed since having Abby. Before Abby joined our family, a snow day like today would have been spent snuggled up on the couch (or in bed) having a 24 Marathon! We love Jack Bauer and are going through withdrawals since there is no new season to look forward to this year!

Instead, today, we have been having a Disney/Pixar marathon! We have watched Finding Nemo for the millionth time with some Aladdin, Open Season, and The Incredibles mixed in. We would love to have spent some time outside playing in the snow but Abby is still sick so we weren’t going to take any chances! So we stayed bundled up inside! Our dogs usually love to play in the snow but I think it was even too cold outside for them!

I will also say that I was so glad that I made the Vegetable Beef Soup at the end of last week because on a day like today it was SO good today for lunch!

View from our back door at lunch today!

Anyone else have a snow day today?