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What I Wore Wednesday: Week 1

One of my goals has been to get back into the What I Wore Wednesday linkups because I just feel so much better when I do! I love my yoga pants and t-shirts as much as the text person (which of course I am sporting as I type this) but when I have to be at work or out and about I just feel more confident when I take a few extra minutes to put together an outfit versus just putting on clothes. Anyone else?

For the first week I did pretty good and snapped two pictures! Here is outfit #1:

Old Navy Work Outfit Tank Cardi and Bootcut Pants

This outfit was courtesy of my parents for Christmas! The entire outfit (minus the shoes) came from Old Navy. The pants are Rock Star bootcut pants and holy moly, they are the next best thing to yoga pants! They are so comfortable! They have a lot stretch so they feel similar to leggings but have the bootcut leg. I paired these oh-so-wonderful pants with a sequined jersey tank and a purple cardigan. My shoes are ballet flats from Kmart! I am having issues with dry eyes so I’ve been sporting the spectacles as well.

Outfit #2:

Old Navy Bootcut Pants Striped Sweater

This is another outfit completely from Old Navy (maybe I need to shake up my shopping). I am sporting the same pants as I mentioned above (I told you I loved them!) but paired them with a striped sweater. I tried adding the turquoise necklace (from Etsy) for a pop of color but I’m not sure I’m loving the combo but I’m not sure what other accessories to pair with it. I’ve tried scarves but my hot flashes don’t appreciate any added layers around my neck.

My goal for this upcoming week is to picture at least 3 outfits and start playing more with accessories! Have you been sporting some fun new clothes since the holidays?

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5 comments on “What I Wore Wednesday: Week 1

  1. gassmama says:

    I love the sparkle top! I am on the hunt for one to wear on our cruise, I will have to check with ON! Also, love the glasses.

  2. brooke says:

    i have a pair of the rock star skinnies that i love to wear tucked into my boots. you’re right they are soooooooo comfy!!

    • Jamee says:

      I need to get a pair of the skinnies to wear with my boots! Since my surgery this summer I have had the hardest time finding pants that are comfortable around my waist because of where my incision is but man, these hit perfectly!

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