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My New Favorite Way To Shop

In the past six months, I have really been trying to change the way I shop. Between budget reasons and ethical reasons, I knew my habits needed an overhaul. Using Emily’s tips for shopping ethically, two of the main things I tried to focus on was shopping fair trade and shopping second hand.

One afternoon I was perusing Instagram and discovered Poshmark. Oh my goodness. It is both a great thing and a bad thing! Poshmark is a platform for buying and selling women’s clothing and accessories. It is free to list items but it is like an online consignment shop in that they receive a percentage of the sale price. Some gripe at the fee but in my mind, I am actually able to sell things that were formerly sitting unused in my closet which means either money in my pocket or new clothes in my closet 🙂

Most of the items listed are second hand and most sellers are just regular ladies like me working on clearing out the clothes they aren’t wearing from their closets and enjoying a little retail therapy. I have started to notice mass-production retailers becoming more of a presence selling all new items which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself but I know they go against my purposes for shopping Poshmark in wanting to shop second hand and/or purchasing from fair trade brands. If you are looking to by designer brands at a discount, you will definitely want to take a peek.

All in all, it has definitely become one of my favorite ways to shop as well as sell! I am currently running a sale to try to clear out some of my summer items so I can post fall items to my closet and then in turn be able to add some fun, new things in my closet for fall! I am also been keeping an eye out for fun pieces for Type A coming up at the end of the month since I doubt they want me to show up in an old ratty camp t-shirt and yoga pants 🙂

Are you on Poshmark? If you are, leave me your username so I can find you (mine is my twitter handle)! If not, you can use code HSNXA for a $5 account credit when you sign up!

Also, who is going to be my stylist and tell me what should I be on the lookout for for the conference and fall? 


3 comments on “My New Favorite Way To Shop

  1. Emily says:

    You convinced me…I finally signed up. We are almost the same size! I wear size 7 shoes, just a half size bigger, unfortunately. I love those silver sparkly flats you posted! You have lots of really cute stuff on there!

    • Jamee says:

      I love the sparkly flats too but they actually run a little big and I can’t wear them! It made me sad to have to list them! I am trying to clear some listings out BC I have quite a bit fall work attire I need to post! I cut my friends and readers killer deals 🙂

  2. brooke says:

    i typically buy my clothes (non athletic) 2nd hand, but that started more for price than anything. love that it is also socially responsible!


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