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A couple of months ago I was really excited about joining in the What I Wore Wednesday linkups as there was something about putting together an outfit and taking the time to choose accessories that really gave me a boost. There is something about feeling put together that helps you feel a little bit better about yourself, even if you weren’t feeling so hot physically. Unfortunately the last month or two I haven’t been participating and boy does my wardrobe show it! I’m back to Old Navy t-shirts and blah pants. I am bound and determined to change that!


Unlike what Stacy and Clinton have to say, sometimes when you are battling chronic illness and pain comfortable can definitely win out over style on some days. Personally, since my last surgery, comfort has been really important when it comes to skirts and pants. During my latest surgery they reused my hysterectomy scar which runs hip bone to hip bone and is in that perfect spot for the button and waistbands of pants to hurt. When I was first diagnosed I wore overalls all the time to avoid this but I have at least gave Stacy and Clinton a thumbs up on that one and kept them out of my wardrobe currently. So now its a major search to find pants that don’t irritate my abdomen.


Enter Fresh Produce.

Fresh Produce Clothing Logo

One of the slogans of the company is to “look good, feel good.” An excerpt from their company page sums up their goal: From casual tops and feminine dresses to decorative scarves and stylish pants, Fresh Produce is dedicated to creating feel-good clothes women want to wear every day. As I browsed their website I found a variety of looks that would be appropriate for many age ranges. Now that I’m 30, I often feel like I struggle to find clothes that aren’t too young and make me look like I’m trying to hard and clothes that aren’t too old leaving me looking like my mom. (No offense, Mom).


When warm weather rolls in, I live in skirts. Am I the only one that thinks a fun skirt can be a lot cooler to wear than shorts? Anyways, I was super excited to try out this skirt:

White skirt perfect for warm weather
images from Fresh Produce

 I am a sucker for white in warm weather (even with an almost 3 year old).


 (pretend there is a picture of me right here)

When the skirt came in, I was a little nervous about the length being a shorty but it worked out great! It probably would be a little long for anyone shorter than I am (I am right at 5’4″) but I think the asymmetrical hemline would be a much more prominent feature on someone taller. I was totally pleased with the quality  of the skirt but just like any other white skirt out there on the market, its pretty sheer so you need to be sure you aren’t showing off your kickers underneath!


So if you are looking for a place to add some fun casual pieces to your wardrobe this season, be sure to stop by Fresh Produce!


Disclaimer: I was provided the skirt at no cost to facilitate this review but have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.

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