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The Celiac Review: ThinkThin Chocolate Fudge Meal Bars

I was super-duper excited to find gluten-free meal bars as I often eat on the run and meal bars are great when my main purpose in eating is only to take my meds.  Meal bars provide just enough sustenance to keep the meds down and the nausea from getting worse.  So I snapped up a couple of the ThinkThin meal bars in Chocolate Fudge.

My review is that the bars are decent considering they are a diet meal replacement bar.  I definitely could not eat them every day but every once in a while they are tolerable.  They just have the same “diet chocolate” taste that every other type of diet meal bar out there.  So its not a problem unique to this particular bar.  On a scale of 1-10 I would give these a 6.  I have not tried the other flavors however (such as Chunky Peanut Butter bars or Brownie Crunch bars which may be more appealing to have a crunch). 

All in all, these are great to keep on hand in case you need something light to eat while you are on the run (or can’t stomach anything else).  I will probably buy these again, especially if I can find the Brownie Crunch flavor to try out!

***These opinions are all my own.  I reviewed this product on my own accord not for ThinkThin or any other company.***

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