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What I Wore Wednesday #4

Well, I won’t actually show you want I’ve been wearing since I’ve spent all my time post-hospital gown in nightshirts and gowns but I will show you want I’ve been dreaming about wearing! You see our Disney vacation is now less than a month away! Yay! And since I have both a Pinterest and a Polyvore addiction, I’ve been having fun trying to put together cute but comfy outfits for vacation!

Here are some options I came up with:

cute & comfy option for Disney


another Disney vacation outfit


And then I got to thinking….It took me a good 2-3 weeks post-hysterectomy before I was able to be remotely comfortable in regular clothes (aka anything with a waistband) so I started having to rethink some things and came up with these:

Simple Sundress


Maxi Dress & Accessories


What do you think of my vacation ideas? Will I look like the cool mom at Disney?
I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy! Be sure to check it out if your fashion needs some inspiration!

pleated poppy

3 comments on “What I Wore Wednesday #4

  1. Mamie says:

    Love that green dress. Whatever you wear, just make sure it’s comfortable and wear good shoes.
    Just a month away, so exciting!!!!!!

  2. cheryl says:

    lol…i’m in scrubs myself (benefi to a doc dad), very loosely tied for the belly incision. the other option is very low-slung men’s boxers (incision goes from just below the navel to the top of, well, the hairline). i do track pants when i have to leave.

  3. Maggie S. says:

    Darling outfits.


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