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A Week In My Life – Friday

a week in my shoes

My last day in A Week In My Life ended up a little more exciting than the previous two. A little.

At Abby’s Pre-K, they have one parent activity every month. Last month, they invited all the moms to come make caramel apples and this month it was carving pumpkins with dads!

A Week In My Life Friday

It looks like Abby did a little restyling after I dropped her off that morning (hence the sagging skirt and interesting headband placement). John was very excited to find out that they already had the pumpkins cleaned out when he got there!

After school, I needed to get out of the house before going completely batty so we packed up my wheels and headed to Walmart. It is so beyond lame that a trip to Walmart is a highlight of the week (you know you are a spoonie when…..). I was excited to sport my new Choose Hope shirt:

A Week In My Life Friday
A Week In My Life Friday

It was definitely exciting to find my Warrior t-shirt in the mailbox when I got home!

Later on, John and Abby went out to eat Mexican for dinner while i enjoyed this:

A Week In My Life Friday

Some times are just not fair. But I did have a visit from the Doc later that night:

A Week In My Life Friday

I think this little girl will be really excited about what Santa plans to deliver for Christmas! She is going to be Doc McStuffins for Halloween! Let me rephrase that. At this moment, she plans on dressing up as Doc McStuffins for Halloween but it would not be the first time if she changes her mind the day of. Thankfully we have a closet full of dress up clothes in preparation for Disney!

That is my week in pictures! If we were to follow you around for a week, what would we see?

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