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Top 10 Thursday – Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

 Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Husband (in no particular order)

1. He’s my other half.  There is no doubt in my mind that when God created him 26 years ago, He had me in mind (I was already on the planet for 2 years and God knew I would be trouble otherwise).  ::cue Newsong::

2. His passion for Christ.  When people ask what the first thing I noticed about John I can say without a doubt it was his passion for Christ.  (Ok, I may first mention that I noticed he had a big head first but I’m joking….I promise).  In my entire life, I had never met someone who had such a passion for Christ that it showed in everything they do.  With John, there was (and still is) no guessing who he serves.

3.  His humor.   Regardless of the day I’m having, he can always make me smile and he is just flat-out funny.  Sure there is a corny joke here and there but its all worth it.  I think Abby is going to be a ham like her daddy.

4.  He’s hot.  Plain and simple.  You gotta love a hot man.

5.  The way he takes care of me.   Without John there is no way that I would be able to cope with one illness, much less multiple.  He goes to almost all of my doctors appointments and the ones he can’t make it to, I have to reassure him a 1000 times that it will be ok if he misses it.  In a flare, he nurses me back to health and takes care of me with no complaints (at least to my face!). 

6.  His love of people.  Honestly he can talk to anybody about anything.  He could start a conversation with a brick wall and it would talk back.  He just truly has a gift for relating to people.  Its amazing. 

7.  He’s the ying to my yang.  Paula Abdul wasn’t lying when she sang about opposites attracting.  He definitely brings a lot of balance to my life.  I’m an introvert and probably could survive as a hermit but he is an extrovert and helps pull me out of my shell and makes me feel comfortable.  I’m “almost Type A” whereas he is very laid-back so we tend to meet in the middle to find our sense of calm and peace.  Besides, who wants a high-strung hermit anyways?

8.  He’s the perfect daddy.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore that I already did, we became parents.  I could sit for hours watching him interact with Abby.  He adores his little girl and she is over the moon for her daddy.  Ok, I’ve got to move on to the next one before I start crying…

9.  He is an awesome guitar player.  That may not be something that would hit everyone’s list but when I made my list of wishes for a husband back in college it was on my list.  And God honored that wish.  I love love watching and listening to him playing (unless he’s playing while watching TV..I’m too ADD to handle both).  I also wished for a husband with dark hair and blue eyes and guess what John’s hair color and eye color are?!  God is good 🙂

10.  He truly knows me.  Maybe its not always a good thing (I can’t get away with anything…LOL) but I love that John truly knows ME.  More than any other person on this earth.  He listens with more than just his ears.  He can look at my eyes and know what I’m thinking or feeling.  There is just something indescribable about being truly known by your best friend and partner and knowing that you are truly loved for being you.  Amazing.

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3 comments on “Top 10 Thursday – Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

  1. jesse and susan says:

    that was so sweet! i wish i could play the guitar.

  2. Zeemaid says:

    that is really wonderful that you love your husband so much. We should all focus on our top ten things we love about our spouses. Way less discord if we do that.

    Thanks so much for playing along. Loved your list.

  3. Lee the Hot Flash Queen says:

    Thanks for stopping by and a great list!! New follower!


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