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Saving Spoons: Super Easy DIY Art!

I came across this wonderful blog last night during my fight with insomnia and I am so glad that I did! The blog is called Full of Great Ideas and the title is no exaggeration! She has tons of great ideas but this one caught my attention!

She provides a super easy tutorial on creating personalized wall art! I had once purchased a sign for our wall that had our last name and year est. but when we moved it no longer went with our decor (boo!) so I have looking for ideas and this one is perfect! And what makes it best is that it is cheap and so easy! The only cost involved is what you pay to print your pictures.

So here are my masterpieces made at 1am:

word artI had 2 11×14 frames laying around from Abby’s room in our apartment that are being used so I plan on painting them black so framing is free! The total cost of this project for me was $18.29 for the printing and shipping from Snapfish.com (which I earned 11.5% cashback through Ebates!)

I hope you enjoy! Definitely check out Full of Great Ideas for more fun and easy projects!

I love hearing from you!

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