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Party like its 1999!

That’s right folks! I’m pulling out my senior year! I can’t believe it has already been 12 years since I graduated high school! Times have definitely changed! Things that were cool when I was in high school included owning a pager and hearing “You’ve Got Mail” was the best sound known to man (ah, AOL). The TV shows you couldn’t miss included Dawson’s Creek and 7th Heaven while you rocked out to TLC and J-Lo. So I’m understand that I’m starting to get a bit dated.  1999 was also an unfortunate year for school shootings so we spent many afternoons on the football bleachers as they officials searched the school after numerous bomb threats and rumors of “hit lists” occurred on a daily basis. Of course, we tried not to let that get us down after all we were the last class of the 90s and we even had a song created just for our class and we planned to party! I was a nerd (member of both the Honor Society and Beta Club) and a complete band geek (section leader 3 out of 4 years! rock on!). I attempted to be an athlete as I ran track all 4 years. I ran long distance – started off with the 800 and mile and then went to the 2 mile as I learned there wasn’t nearly the competition so it was easier to get points! I guess I would say I had a good time in high school but I’m definitely not one of those people who would just love to go back and do it again (even though the being healthy part is tempting).

So when I heard there was going to be a #SeniorHottie link up over at A Belle, A Bean & A Chicago Dog I just had to participate!

Granted, I will admit, my formal senior portrait isn’t too bad. I may even claim my hottie status:

sorry for the quality – I had to scan out of my yearbook!

Now. I am about to reveal the true level of my geekiness. I was (and probably still am) the epitome of band geek. Here I am in all my band glory:

Sad isn’t it?

I searched and searched and searched last night for my senior book so I could find snapshots from senior year but alas, it has gone AWOL. If I find it in the next day or so I will definitely update so stay tuned!

Were you a #SENIORHOTTIE? Make sure and check out the post and link up!

senior hottie


9 comments on “Party like its 1999!

  1. You look great! My senior picture involved a new perm. Objectively, it’s the worst picture ever taken of me.

  2. Galit Breen says:

    Aww- not sad! So, so very cute!!

  3. Jayme (Random Blogette) says:

    At least you were a hot band geek! I was in Acapella Choir my 4 years which is the concert choir, so I was a choir geek!

  4. Cindi says:

    Band geeks rule the world! You were definitely a hottie.

  5. I had a draped senior picture too. Your looks great!

  6. liz says:

    I was in the marching band so I can relate, though I didn’t take a photo with my trumpet. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!!

  7. Crystal says:

    Great pics!

  8. Julie says:

    The band pic is priceless! As a former bank geek myself, I have to say, you went all out for that! Be proud!

  9. Allison says:

    I just happened onto your blog from hopping from other blogs… I have to say I love the few posts I’ve read!
    I’m an adoptive mom and a biological mom, I graduated high school in 1998 (and was a HUGE band geek myself) and I remember numerous bomb threats at my high school.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I love the blog!


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