My Favorite Things: January Edition

This month I thought I would focus on my favorite gluten-free foods! Since being diagnosed with Celiac last May, it has really been a game of trial and error to find out which foods/brands work best for me! Right after I was diagnosed, I saw a GF dietitian at the urging of my GI doc and I am so glad I did as she really helped me discover brands of gluten-free products as well as merchants that I probably would have never found before!  So here is a rundown of my favs:

Sandwich Bread: Udi’s White Sandwich Bread
Cereal: Cinnamon Chex. Coco Pebbles when I’m wanting a kids cereal
Other Breakfast Food: Kinnickinick Donuts
Meal Bar: Zone Bar in Peanut Caramel Cluster (not all Zone Bars are gluten-free)
Pasta: DeBole’s Rice Pasta
Pizza crust: Ceba All-Purpose Mix
Dessert mixes: King Arthur mixes -the cookie mix is good but the chocolate cake mix is to die for!
Restuarant: Outback has a great GF menu! Fatz Cafe is a close 2nd!
Online retailer:
Website for GF recipes:
Website for GF info:
GF Blog: The Baking Beauties

I love hearing from you!

  1. I was in Rochester, MN (home of Mayo Clinic) over Christmas. I thought of you every time we went into a restaurant because the hostess always asked if anyone was on a “special Mayo diet,” and menus marked GF meals. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole world was that considerate! The brother of one of my friends from high school also has Celiac and they always complained that US restaurants were awful in helping with GF meals but in Wales everyone was very helpful.


    • I wish every restaurant was that way! I always have to look everything up online b/c if I were to ask one of the employees about something being gluten-free they look at me like I’ve got 4 heads! As common as food allergies are now, you would think that the US would get with the program!