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Just for Fun – Getting to Know Me & You!

I had every intention of writing up my Friday Words of Faith but I’m still feeling a little drugged from yesterday so I will post that tomorrow! So today we’re just going to have a little fun!


Do you have a blog?
If so I would LOVE for you to answer the questions that I have answered below…its a great way to get to know each other better….What are your favorites?
Tag…you’re it!
{Make sure you come back here and leave a comment so I can read all of your recommendations!}


Favorite Discovery: ebates.com
Favorite Place in the World: Sydney Australia
Style Icons: Reese Witherspoon or Kate Hudson
Favorite Designer: Ella Moss
Favorite Movie: Tough Choice but I will say Sweet Home Alabama

Watch: Timex Ironman (I would love to have a more stylish watch but I am really tough on them so I stick with Timex)
Bags: Tough to choose!  I love shopping for bags at etsy.com.  They have so many affordable choices!
Dresses: Old Navy.  Cute and affordable!
Shoes: I am addicted to sneakers!  I wish I was more of a heel girl but its just not in the cards!  I’m hoping to maybe invest in some Reebok EasyTone’s soon!

Inspiration: Definitely have a modern vibe.  Cannot wait to decorate our new home!
Favorite Art: Big fan of Van Gogh
Bedding: Target or good ol’ Wal-mart
Stationery: Another time I shop etsy!
Coffee table books: Ha!  I have a toddler so coffee table books are a no-go!  We display board books instead…LOL.
Flowers: Daisies!  Absolutely daises!

Perfume: Not a huge perfume person because of my work at the hospital.
Face Lotion: I use Clean & Clear face clearing moisturizer.  I never had breakout issues until I went through fertility treatments then menopause.
Body Lotion: I love VS body lotions!
Mascara: Fresh Mini Wands Duo
Shampoo: Garnier Fructis
Soap: VS body wash

I would love to know more about you!  Link up your post in your comment!

I love hearing from you!

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