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Ask Me Anything: Celebrating Five Years of Blogging (Late)

With my *exciting* summer, I totally missed my FIVE year blogoversary (July 7th)! I was hoping to do a big blowout bash with all the bells and whistles as I mean, come on, five years in the blogging world is a big deal, right? Right?

Unfortunately sometimes the best of intentions never follow through and with the chaos of multiple hospitalizations, recovery, and the chaos that ensued, I completely blanked on the five year celebration. Completely blanked. As in didn’t realized it had passed until this week. Oops.

So I decided to combine one of my favorite types of posts – Ask Me Anything – and have a mini-celebration as well!

Now as a disclaimer, I am far, far from a blogging expert but I do hope I’ve learned a thing or two in the last five years so I would love to open up the floor to try to answer any of your questions you have about blogging! If I cannot provide an answer, I will work to help find one!

I will collect questions all week and then next Tuesday I’ll post my answers to your questions!

Five Years of Blogging Fun

5 comments on “Ask Me Anything: Celebrating Five Years of Blogging (Late)

  1. Brooke says:

    how do you get out of a blogging rut?

    do you ever get disappointed if a blog doesn’t get as many comments as you feel it deserves?

    If NCIS never existed, what would your favorite show be?

  2. cheryl says:

    how do you keep on keeping on when it feels like the body’s winning? in a response to hearing of my spike in issues in 2012, the X sent a reminder that i am more than a body (he knew the muscle loss etc would be an issue). i DO know that, but i feel so much like my body is winning out and pulling my mind down so i can’t even count on being able to say a full sentence, let alone write. you’ve had MUCH more serious trauma than i have, but i’ve def kept on losing more and more pieces of health and it is hard to keep fighting. i’m not a spiritual person, although i totally respect that it is part of your answer (and may sometimes be jealous), it isn’t one i can relate to

    • cheryl says:

      ok…i missed that it was sorta “ask me anything about BLOGGING” but that kinda counts too….i can’t find the energy and feel like i’m a one-track record (aside from my books….i have to get a few reviews out but they require a lot of concentration and i want to feel semi-professional since i do get the books free in exchange for the online reviewing

  3. Annabelle says:

    Congrats on the blogiversary! Five years really is a long time in the internet world.

  4. Ok, my question doesn’t have to do with blogging (so feel free to eliminate it, respond privately, or save it for a later date) and I’m not even sure it make sense BUT… What do you suggest is the best way to start conversation with someone with a chronic illness? Obviously the traditional, “How are you?” is out. How about compliment? (For the record, choose well because it’ll be my conversation starter for the rest of life).



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