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Favorite 5: Finding My Blog Conference Style

Why not end the week on a fun note? As I posted yesterday, I’m already concerned about what to wear to not only Bloggy Bootcamp but also in trying to be more comfortable in my own skin (you can read that post here).  So as always, Pinterest* to the rescue to help me find my blog conference style! Here are my top 5 pins in helping me find my style:


Pixie Cut Blonde Hair Accessories

via Kaboole

I think I am going back to my short hair roots! My hair is driving me bananas (and I’m keeping it pulled up all the time) so I think I will feel more “me” if I go back to rocking a short ‘do!

beautiful red hair

via A Beautiful Mess 

I am completely swooning over this color. My hair now that its back to natural is turning red on its own so why not help it out a little? What do you think?

Ann Taylor Loft Cardigan Pants Outfit

via Ann Taylor Loft

I love this outfit as an option for both work and BBC!

Dress Over Jeans Outfit via Emerson Fry

This is another really cute outfit! The dress is out of my price range but it provides an idea of what to look for!

Black Blazer White Shirt & Rocking Accessories

via Pinterest

I love absolutely everything about this one. Totally reflects my personality!

What do you think of these options? Would I look like one of the cool girls at the conference?

***Important Note: If you love these outfits and hair styles as much as I do and want to add them to your favorite Pinterest boards, please click through by clicking on the image or the link below so that you can pin the outfit to its original source***


7 comments on “Favorite 5: Finding My Blog Conference Style

  1. Ryan (The Woven Moments) says:

    Love ALL these options. I’m a brunette and very nearly dyed my hair the platinum blond in picture #1. My haircut is already exactly that cut.

    Best of luck! Do what feels most natural! 🙂

  2. Tiffany says:

    We seem to have the same hair love! I’m a short hair girl – I love the haircut and the red hair color!!!!! I’ve been thinking of growing mine a little for a change, but I LOVE that cut. It’s really close to what I have now, just a tad longer though. I always go back and forth. I love your style too!

  3. Devan @ Accustomed Chaos says:

    I LOVE the first hair cut & adore the color of the second one – it makes me want to cut all my hair off and go uber-red. (i would never do it though cause i am way too chicken 😉 )

  4. BalancingMama says:

    I’m sure you look great anyway! Those are definitely fun choices. I’ll be looking for you at BBC!

    I probably won’t look cool… I’m hoping for decent. 🙂

  5. liz says:

    I love your style!

    And I’m pretty sure I’m safer if I stay away from PInterest!

    • Jamee says:

      Pinterest will suck you in QUICK! Its great for storing ideas (like we are getting ready to renovate our playroom) and tutorials (such as photography) but it is definitely a time-warp!

  6. […] What I Wore Wednesday #1 20119 Comments If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ve been reading that I’m really trying to take some time to focus on myself and my style so that I can learn to be more comfortable in my own skin. Over the years, chronic illness has negatively impacted my view of myself and the phrase “my body hates me” was mentioned way too many times so I really want to change that. Letting Go was a stepping stone to embark on this new chapter. I turn 30 this year so why not kick off a new decade with a bang? I’ve changed up my hair style and am constantly on the search for style inspiration. […]


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