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Ask Me Anything – ANSWERED!

These were so much fun to answer!

Questions from Brooke:

Do you fart in front of your husband? We’ve been together over 9 years so yes. Even though I’m more of the belcher. He’s the farter.

Have you ever shown him a turd b/c you were proud of its size/girth? Never shown him one but I have told him about it before! LOL 🙂

Do you sort your shirts by sleeve length, collar, or color? and if all which takes priority. I organize my shirts my sleeve length and then by occasion (like casual, work, church, etc).

Flats or heels? I dream of the day when I can comfortably wear heels but for now its flats.

Do you like ramen noodles? (its okay, i do too) Yuck. Can’t handle all the salt!

Have you ever considered plastic surgery – if so on what body part? Yes. I would love to get a boob job only because mine are so uneven (like 2 cup size difference). My doctor has even offered to submit paperwork so insurance would pay for it! I just can’t get the hubs on board with an elective surgery.

What is the one thing you’re most proud of in life? (husband, mommihood, and God don’t count) Graduated both undergrad and graduate school with over a 3.5 GPA

If you could have any car in the world – what would it be? Toyota Highland Hybrid. I’m a pretty simple gal.

you have 2 minutes to spend $1 million dollars, but you can’t spend more than $100,000 at any one place, how do you spend it? Two minutes??? That’s all?! I would hit up a couple of my favorite charities (ERC, Celiac Foundation) and my church. That would clear$300k. Um. I would buy two Toyota Highlanders (even though I don’t think that process could be done in 2 minutes!). Then I would hit up The Children’s Place, Old Navy, New York & Co, and Zappos!

Question from Mendie:

What 3 things to you think that I NEED to register for or buy for the baby? What could you have not lived without during those first few months with Abby? Definitely a wrap/carrier of some sort. I had a Moby Wrap and LOVED that thing!I was able to keep Abby close (since attachment was a concern) and be hands free. She loved being worn (still does as a toddler!) and I felt like I got to experience a bonding experience that I missed out on with pregnancy. And I like the Moby Wrap better than a sling because the baby’s weight was distributed across both shoulders (instead of one) so it was a lot more comfortable to use. A Flip camera! I got one as a welcome gift from Sprint at the All-Star Race last year and we love that thing! It is super easy to use and small enough to keep on hand all the time! I spent a long time this evening going through videos of when Abby was a baby and I cried…a lot. I am so glad that we have it! We use it all the time for video and snapshots too! There are different types so its easy to find one in your price range! And 3rd, a swaddle blanket! Abby had to be swaddled so the SwaddleMe was our best friend until she was six or seven months! It was a sanity-saver!

Question from FeliciaFibro:

What is your favorite, quick, non-crock-pot main dish recipe? Lasagna! I often make it in advance so all I have to do is throw it in the oven! Plus I never cook the noodles first so it saves time there too!

Questions from Mamie:

when can we go on a tropical vacation? How soon can you get packed?

when are we going to merge households? How soon can you get packed?

Questions from Roo:

Is your entire family gluten-free because of your Celiac or do you cook/fix your items separately from theirs? I cook everything gluten-free for the most part just to avoid cross contamination. The only thing we don’t share is sandwich bread because GF bread is crazy expensive (think $5 for a half loaf).

What is Abby’s favorite word? At the moment it’s “Charlie”

What plan did you follow to lose the weight? Mainly just being gluten-free but now that my body has really adjusted to the GF lifestyle it is going to take some structure to maintain.

What’s your favorite exercise? I love to run! These days its just getting my body to cooperate!

Are the contents of your dresser/closet neat or do you just throw things in there? I really try to keep my closet and dresser neat as clutter stresses me out but I’ve got some organizing that needs to be done to calm my nerves a bit b/c of its current state.

Filer or piler? Filer! I just need to update my files for the current year! Yuck!

Question from StretchyPrincess:

Who is your blog’s target audience? Obviously I have quite a few posts geared towards those with chronic illness, but I would hope that my blog is relevant to all women!

Thanks everyone for participating! It was so much fun!


7 comments on “Ask Me Anything – ANSWERED!

  1. Judy Jeute says:

    Too cute, love the idea (and questions and answers!), may even steal it for my own blog…hmmmm….!!!!

  2. Brooke says:

    liar! 😛 j/k you totally need to take a picture or something next time if he’s not around. can’t let all that hard work go down the crapper!

    my last question – when are you going to share said lasagna recipe?

    • Jamee says:

      He would love that! LOL! I have called him before to tell him about it but never physically shown him! You are too funny!

  3. Mamie says:

    packing today!!!!

  4. roo says:


  5. Selena says:

    I tried eating gluten-free to see if it would help with my fibro. Unfortunately it did not, but I did discover how much gluten-free bread costs…yikes! Do you find that you spend more $$$ at the grocery store shopping for gluten-free items?

    • Jamee says:

      YES! Being gluten-free has really affected our grocery budget! Especially when you live in a small town and there is no competition. I only have one place to shop for GF products and some of them are killer! Sticking to fresh meats and veggies helps instead of buying strictly GF items but sometimes you just have to do it. GF convenience foods (like cereal bars) are especially expensive! We just get creative for ways to save money on our grocery bill these days!


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