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Me on a Wednesday

I got this post idea from the wonderful BA of Heir to Blair so I thought I would share what I’m up to on this early spring Wednesday! Our trees are starting to bloom! So lovely!

The first signs of spring


Obsessingover making the Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness a success! I totally love the ladies I’m working with and would love to either make this an annual thing for awareness month or try to create a community atmosphere all year long!

Workingon ways to keep our house from looking like a tornado whipped through it during the week. Thank goodness for inspiration from Pinterest.

Thinkingabout when we are going to actually sit down and plan the new half-bath that we plan on adding in the next few weeks!

Anticipatingthe results for all the labwork I had done yesterday as well as the ultrasound and EGD I will be having done on March 30.

ReadingAll I Need is Jesus & A Good Pair of Jeans – looking forward to starting it today!

ListeningJesus Culture! I have recently discovered this band & they are amazing! The song Your Love is Everything has really kept me going this week!

EatingNot much the last several days. Unfortunately I either stay really nauseated or eat and end up with major intestinal cramps.

Wishingfor answers about my medical issues that would allow me to have some-what of an active life! Last night I fell asleep at 7:30. Not cool!


How are you doing on this fine Wednesday?

2 comments on “Me on a Wednesday

  1. Beautiful picture! Glad to hear the endo stuff was a success, and that book? Sounds good! Happy Wednesday to you!

  2. Shari~Rain into Rainbows says:

    What a great idea, this post. Think I might follow in your footsteps on this one. 😉

    YAY on the endo stuff working out. Yet another disease without a cure…. ::sigh::

    JEALOUS of the blooms! I was just looking at the trees today, wondering if we’ll soon start to see some green. I’m ready!

    Feel better. ::hugs::


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