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The ABCs of Me

I had several blog buddies do this so I decided to jump on board for fun! I know typically Thursday are reserved for parenting/relationship grown up stuff but I decided what the heck and just rolled with it!

Age – 29 (turning the big 3-0 in October!)

Bed size – Full (praying for an upgrade soon!)

Chore you hate – Vacuuming (thankfully Hubs doesn’t mind!)

Dogs – Two! Charlie is perfect and Chloe is….not.

Essential start of your day – Caffeine usually in the form of Dr. Pepper. And snuggles from Abby 🙂

Favorite color – Pink and black.

Gold or silver – Silver, all the way. Hate gold.

Height – 5’3 3/4″ according to my bone scan (I swore I was over 5’4″ at one time!)

Instruments I play (or have played) – Horn, trumpet, piano and can dabble with clarinet, trombone, tuba, and some others. Yes, I was a music ed major which makes me an official NERD.

Job title – Office Monkey – meaning I do everything no one else wants to do!

Kids – just 1! Abby

Live – NC

Mom’s name – Deborah

Nickname – Pig, Pigmo, Piglet – long story

Overnight hospital stays – 3 of my surgeries required overnight stays – my hyst was the longest with 4 days. I was really sick with the flu at 2 as well.

Pet peeve – Popping your gum. Drives me bananas! I used to have a coworker who did this ALL.DAY.LONG.

Quote from a movie – “Link! AMAZING!” (you get a cookie if you can guess what movie its from)

Right or left handed – Right handed

Siblings – I’m the middle child – older sister and younger brother – and yes I have a complex.

Time you wake up – The alarm goes off between 6:30 and 7:00.

Underwear – Yes. Always.

Vegetable you dislike – just about all of them 🙂

What makes you run late – my toddler

X-rays you have had done – Oh boy. Lots. Several on my back and hips. My shoulder. My ankle. Tons of my mouth from 2 rounds of braces.

Yummy food you make – I make a mean lasagna.

Zoo animal –The monkeys! You can’t go wrong with the monkeys!

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6 comments on “The ABCs of Me

  1. Kim says:

    No veggies!?! LOL. Is the quote from Encino Man? This was fun, I want to do it too now 🙂

    • Jamee says:

      You are the 2nd one to guess Encino Man! I should have included more of the quote! Its actually from Monsters vs. Aliens!

  2. Don’t tell me ‘hyst’ stands for hysterectomy at your young age!

  3. Jessica says:

    Ok…can I steal this idea too? Haha!

    I WISH I was musically talented. I cannot carry a tune…nor play any instruments. =(

    My son was forced into Orchestra when the Art class was too full at his school…which now he loves, as do I because if I cannot play music…maybe my boys will be able to! (Right now he is playing the viola).

    Isn’t that what we parents are supposed to do? Live vicariously through our children!?!


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