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25 Things that Make Me Awesome

I’ve seen many lists like this floating around the blogosphere lately. One of the most popular being the 101 things list but I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I could come up with that many things so when I saw the 25 Things That Make Me ME post on BlogHer today, it just clicked! So just in case you want to be my BFF, here are 25 things about me that make me unique:

  1. I can both roll my tongue and flip it completely over.
  2. I am such an awesome geek that I got to wear braces twice!
  3. I am allergic to nuts but didn’t develop the allergy until my freshman year of college. The night before your biggest exam is not exactly the best time to end up in the ER.
  4. I love pepperoni & pineapple on my pizza.
  5. I spent two summer working at a ropes course and LOVED it! If my body would cooperate, I would totally do it again! Not sure wearing a harness 8 hours a day would work well with my fibro at this point!
  6. I love love love roller coasters! Steel, wooden, loops, no loops, doesn’t matter to me! I can’t wait to take Abby on her first one!
  7. My family nickname is Pig. It started out as Pigmy because I was so small and then it went to Pigmo, Piglet, and any derivative from there on out.
  8. I’m a huge weenie when it comes to needles. I think its because my veins are crap and the shots I’ve gotten lately have been HUGE however I have no trouble getting a tattoo. I have 2 and a major itch for a 3rd (hence the poll on the sidebar!)
  9. I own way too many black t-shirts and tank tops.
  10. I am 1 1/2 years older than my husband.
  11. I ran long distance in high school and competed primarily in the 2 mile race and was even team captain my senior year. I continued to run throughout college until I got sick. I was never fast but I put my heart into it!
  12. I am the middle child and at the rockin’ height of 5’4″ I am the tallest!
  13. I split my time between listening to Skillet and country. Quite the polar opposites but I’m eclectic like that.
  14. My hair has been every natural color plus pink and purple (the all-over pink and purple looks were temporary but I did have purple high-lights). I’m back to my natural color and I’m bored already!
  15. I’m going to through withdrawals since the season finale of NCIS. I mean I own all of the seasons on DVD but I’m ready for the new season! How is Tony going to be investigating?!?
  16. In all of my medical drama and clumsiness, I have never broken a bone. *Knock on Wood*
  17. I’m blind as a bat. At the DMV, the lady told me that I was restricted to wearing my corrective lenses while driving and I just laughed at her. I said, “Don’t worry. I would never find my car!” I just wonder why they don’t make colored contacts for us blind folks.
  18. My hair barely brushes my collarbones and its the longest its been in 10 years.
  19. I think the crock pot is one of the best inventions of all time!
  20. I was featured on BlogHer yesterday! Totally made my day!
  21. I have a serious weakness for ice cream, especially Hershey’s Chocolate Peanut Butter. Its like heaven in a cup.
  22. My favorite colors are pink and black. I really wish I could have an office that reflected my style and taste. Maybe I’ll learn to sneak in pieces here and there!
  23. Shopping is my ideal way to spend me time. Shopping alone that is. It allows me time to think. Although even though I’m really trying to work on my own style, I have a hard time shopping for myself. I’d much rather shop for Abby who is already much more fashionable than I am!
  24. I’m learning I’m not good at making things from scratch. Two weeks ago I tried to make cupcakes and icing from scratch and they were awful. I’ll stick to the box, thankyouverymuch. By the way, King Arthur’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake mix is amazing.
  25. I love to sing – especially with my husband who plays guitar!

What are things about you that make YOU awesome? Because I totally know that you are!


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4 comments on “25 Things that Make Me Awesome

  1. Momo Fali says:

    I was going to put #1 too!

  2. AnnG says:

    I love these kinds of things…they really help me get to know the person! Thanks for sharing!

  3. cheryl says:

    the big letter is a blur to me so i hear ya on laughing at the DMV telling you to wear your lenses (i avoid discussions about pain meds and driving…i’m pretty used to them b/w endo and a bad back and also find driving in pain isn’t a smart alternative). i did have a friend who wore colored contacts for correction though so they are out there…

  4. FeliciaFibro says:

    I’ve never broken a bone either – we rock!


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