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11 in 2011: Favorite Healthy Snacks

Since being diagnosed with Celiac, I have really had to alter my healthy snacks. Before I kept whole grain crackers and protien/cereal bars in my desk (love the Special K crackers and fruit crisps) to keep me from hitting the vending machines when I got the munchies at work but now I am having to try out new things.

There are a couple varieties of Zone Bars that are gluten-free that are pretty good, especially the Chocolate Carmel Cluster. So I usually keep one in my purse or diaper bag if I am going to be out awhile or if I am unsure that I will havw other gluten-free options available.

Other stand-by snacks include lowfat string cheese and apples with gf peanut butter. I’m really bas about getting enough protien in my diet (which triggers migraines) so I try to sneak it in when possible.

The thing about being gluten-free is that it really limits your prepackaged options so its a good way to force fresh food options. The GF convienence foods that are out there (like cereal bars) cost a fortune and the taste (or lack thereof) isn’t worth the cost. Another things that compounds things for me personally is also having a nut allergy. I would love to be able to snack on almonds but the incessent itching that follows isn’t worth it. I have thankfully found a gluten-free and nut-free trail mix that is another great snack.

What are your favorite heathy snacks? I need some variety for me fridge at work!

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4 comments on “11 in 2011: Favorite Healthy Snacks

  1. What about celery with peanut butter in the middle? (or cream cheese if you can’t have peanuts)
    An apple always makes a good portable snack. I’m finding organic apples taste about 10x better, but it’s not apple season in Oz so you can’t find them anywhere. They should be in season in America though.
    I always carry an optifast in my bag. They’re so portable and great when you get stuck needing a meal ‘right now’!! A couple of them are gluten-free. Not just good for weightloss! =)
    I’m going to check back to see what others suggest!
    ~Stretchy P. xx

  2. Colleen says:

    I struggle too to find healthy gluten free snacks! But some of my faves are:
    -Greek yogurt
    -Corn thins, they have a new one with flax seeds, does double duty for me to help sneak in some whole grains which i struggle with, they are good topped with lf cream cheese, jam, etc anything
    -fruit, sometimes i do frozen and let it thaw in my desk for lunch time
    -carrot sticks
    -natural applesauce cups
    -pop chips

  3. Baffled says:

    There are some good GF cereal bars and pretzles out there. Envirokids is my fav GF cereal bar and EnerG are my fav pretzles. Yes they don’t taste like the real thing but they are good in their own way. Most Cliff bars are wheat free but you have to check if they are GF.


    Fruit and yogurt are always a good protein snack:
    and if you use Greek style it has a higher protein content.


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