My return to the blogging world

After a longer than anticipated hiatus from blogging, I am making my return. Granted it is doubtful that anyone was saddened by my brief abandonment of this blog but I can honestly say that I have truly missed it and am in desperate need of this outlet. This week has been terribly difficult both related to IF and to endo. I honestly feel like my endo is back with a vengeance. I’ve got all of the symptoms of AF (or pregnancy) yet obviously unless something was left behind that is not the case. I am cramping, bloated, and am breaking out like a teenager. I am SO overly hormonal. I cried twice at work before eventually breaking down at home. It seems like everyone I know is pregnant and while I am thrilled for every single one of them I am grieving a lot this week. Maybe it is the resurgence in symptoms or maybe its the false “symptoms” or maybe its a STUG (sudden temporary upsurge of grief—thank you Dr. D!). I’m just having a really hard time processing everything. I mean women twice my again could go out and get pregnant if they wanted to and here I am not even 28 years old without a single shred of a reproductive system left. I’m putting a call into my doctor tomorrow at the urging of my husband but I feel doubtful that anything positive can come out of it. I’m not sure what else can be versus pain medications and another surgery (which will only lead to further complications). I guess I am doomed to spend the rest of my earthly days plagued with endo. Thank goodness I know that I am promised a new body in heaven!

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  1. Rochelle says:

    I missed you! Good to have you back. 🙂 Sorry to hear you're having a tough time, but I agree, it's so great to have that promise of a new body in heaven!!! Keep resting in Him. {hugs}


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