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Moving on

Its been a week since I’ve blogged mostly because I wasn’t sure what to say. I’ve had so much running through my mind! I had 3 doctors appointments last week. Two were IF related and third was with a rheumatologist to see if we can find the source of my pain. We are thinking that it is mostly likely fibromyalgia but he doesn’t want to put all of the eggs in one basket until all of the test results come back. I really just want some answers! I haven’t felt well at all this week so that is another reason for not posting. I am tired of feeling negative! I’m halfway through the 2ww but don’t even feel like being positive about it. I think a part of me is just ready to have it over with and move on and live life again. Right now I feel like so much is hinged on IF appointments and Endo/FMS appointments. At least if we put IF behind us for a while, we will only have to focus on 1 set of appointments. I just want to be able to be positive again. Maybe next week…..

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