Monday Morning

It’s Monday again so its back to the daily grind at work. I was really wanting to blog this weekend but our home computer is possessed. It is thankfully going to the “doctor” today so hopefully it will be back to running normal again soon! I had a very good weekend and had a lot of time to relax and think. I spent Saturday afternoon alone shopping and got a lot of thinking done. I think God has finally really begun to give me a peace that I can’t explain. Sure I still have my moments where I get sad or frustrated but I really have been able to lean on Him to remain peaceful while also staying hopeful. Today I am officially 6 dpiui and I have a feeling that the next week will be the hardest! AF will be due a week from tomorrow but Dr. H wants me to wait until next Friday to test. While I understand her reasoning, it will drive me crazy! But John has also told me I can’t test until then either! Oh well! God please give me strength! LOL! I’m feeling ok today. I just feel very bloated 🙁 Thank goodness for jackets to cover my tummy! I hope its for a good reason 🙂

I love hearing from you!

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