Let the games begin!

I am officially 1 dpiui and my nerves are already tore up! It doesn’t help that my butt is still extremely sore. I just can’t seem to keep my mind off of anything else. I am waiting for a huge report to finish running here at work so I thought I might be able to clear my mind so I can stay focused. At least for a little while! I honestly don’t know how I am going to last until August 10th without going crazy! I had the WEIRDEST dreams last night and I hardly got any sleep. I love having my two dogs but I can’t handle having three! We are petsitting my parents dog for the week and our house is nuts! Chloe is used to sleeping in bed with us at night (thank goodness Charlie is anal about having space when she sleeps so she sleeps on the floor) but Bre is used to sleeping in the bed as well. So needless-to-say between John, myself, and these two dogs there isn’t a whole lot of space! I just feel so exhausted! At least we have only got another two nights of this! I am so ready for the weekend to catch up on some sleep…..

I love hearing from you!

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