Ladies & Gents, we have a plan!

Life is continuing to move forward and John & I are trying furiously to keep up! The semester is in full swing! Last week I failed my first exam ever in seminary 🙁 I felt horrible! It made me so mad at being sick because I knew that it never would have happened if I had the same body & mind as I did before I was sick. This is the part that bothers me the most with dealing with the fibro. But I did find some comfort in the fact that the majority of the class failed as well and he’s giving us a chance to earn a higher school (whew!). But at least now I know how he tests and hopefully will be more prepared for the next one! I made a 97 on my first exam in Christian History so if only I could move some of those points over and balance them out! But what I am really excited about is that there is light at the end of the tunnel of grad school and I know that I could be done soon! Woo-hoo! If I take a class this summer and then take 12 hours in the fall, I will only have 12 hours left! YAY! The class this summer is going to be totally horrible and I will want to rip my eyes out the whole time I’m in there but at least it will be over (it is an ethics class and the prof is as old as dirt). I’m worried about taking 12 hours in the fall though. So we’ll see how that goes. But as it looks now I am well on my way of being a seminary graduate in December of 2009!! YAY! I would think I would be able to get out earlier except for the fact that I know that one of my last classes will not be offered in the summer so I’m destined for fall. Anyways, John will not be too far behind (probably will graduate the following spring) so we plan to pursue IVF when I graduate. It seems like a long way but I know its not and the time will fly by. I really think it will be best to wait as I will not be pumped full of hormones my last semester and won’t be trying to counsel someone while I am a crazy woman 🙂 Plus that gives us time to save and be in a better position financially. In that time we will also probably start house-hunting too (if we feel that God will keep us in this area). I just can’t believe the things that have always seemed so far off are now fastly approaching! God is so awesome!!!!

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