IUI #2 scheduled for tomorrow!

I went in for a follicle scan today and he found one “wonderful” follicle on my right side (already over 2cm!) so we triggered and we will be doing the IUI tomorrow morning! Hopefully this will do the trick! The downside of the appointment was that he suggested moving straight to IVF if this IUI fails b/c of our issues. We’re not sure if we will go for IVF or adoption. Either way we will have to save up for either since we’re looking at $20k for either option (yikes!). So I’ve got a plan…this Christmas, everytime someone asks “When are you having kids?” I’m going to pull out a donation jar! Hahaha! That will either shut them up or give us money 🙂 Its so crazy to think what we are having to go through to have a child when everyone around us has “oops” babies. Crazy! But HOPEFULLY we will have a great IUI tomorrow and a miracle baby on the way!

I love hearing from you!

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