I think the hormones are working

Today is the type of day where it is hard to stay positive. Today is my fourth day of hormones for this cycle and I can tell that they have definitely kicked in. Not only am I becoming more emotional with each passing hour, but my lower back is killing me! Ugh. Oh the things we do in hopes to get pregnant! Even with this frustration, I have a verse that keeps coming back to mind. Psalm 37:4: Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Coincidence? I think not! I know that now is my time to trust Him in everything and find delight in all that He has blessed me with in my life. Its so crazy how God does so many little things to remind us how He is with us and reminds us that He does in fact have a plan. Today, on the Trouble TTC board on the nest, a fellow nestie announced her BFP this morning and I just got so excited for her! I had so much joy bubble up b/c it was a reminder that one day it will in fact happen! Today for her maybe next month for me! It is so refreshing to know that I serve a living and gracious Savior who has my best intrests at heart! I honestly would not know how to get through all of my healthy problems and infertilty without God’s strength. Words just can’t express all that I am feeling right now (I told you that I was emotional!). So before I start crying, I will stop writing for now! God bless!

I love hearing from you!

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