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I am so over this

The past couple days I have had a very hard time staying positive. My pain levels are back to being sky-high. I spent yesterday evening doped up on my pain meds and the puppy wouldn’t leave me alone so I couldn’t get any rest. Thank goodness when John came home from church he kept the girls downstairs with him so I could rest! I was sound asleep by 8pm! I am just so frustrated! I am 25 years old!! Not 80! I can’t wear cute heels because they kill my legs. If I’m really active one day (a day at Carowinds for example) I am wiped for the next two. And good luck at keeping me awake until 11pm! I don’t know what to do next. John, bless his heart, gets so frustrated because he feels like nothing he can do to make me better. But I could not ask for a better husband to get me through this! He is absolutely wonderful and I thank God that He gave him to me! I start my meds tonight for IUI #2. I am really thinking that if this IUI doesn’t work that we may take a break for one cycle to see if I can get into see a rheumatologist. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more positive.

I love hearing from you!

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