Thanksgiving Blessings

We made it home Saturday from a 4 day trip to Surfside Beach for Thanksgiving! My parents now own a condo down there so when they invited us to join then for the holiday there was no way we were going to say no! It also ended up that Hubs’ family was also going to celebrate at the beach and they were less than 5 miles away! It was so much fun to have BOTH families nearby!


The blessing in disguise of the trip was having no data service. If you were lucky, you could get phone calls but once you tried email, Facebook, or twitter you got nada which was not dependent on which provider you had so it was nice that we all got to be unplugged for a couple days! I had wanted to put up a couple more posts last week but in the end, I will take the time with family! We have another road trip coming up on Thursday to my parents in VA! Not looking forward to more time in the car (so I’m asking for tips on my Facebook page!) but I am looking forward to seeing my extended family! It is the only time that the 3 of us kids will be able to be together for the holidays! I will also get to see my grandparents (A’s great grandparents!) who I have not seen for over a year!


Here are a couple shots from our wonderful time at the shore:

Family Thanksgiving Surfside Beach

Did anyone else adventure to another state or town for the  holidays?


2 comments on “Thanksgiving Blessings

  1. Sarah K. (The Mama Pirate) says:

    That is awesome that y’all went to the beach for Thanksgiving! What a cool trip. We always host Thanksgiving at our house so no trips for us. 🙂 Glad y’all had a good Thanksgiving and got to see family. the

    • Jamee says:

      At Christmas we make the family come to us so we don’t have to travel then! Last year was the first year we hosted & the whole morning I was terrified that I was going to ruin the turkey! Visions of National Lampoon’s Christmas kept running through my head! LOL


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