Sickness Cannot Ruin Christmas

Blessed on Christmas

We are going on week 4 of the Crud at our house and Abby has been running a fever since Sunday night (and we haven’t had a full night’s sleep since) but it will take more than that to ruin our Christmas! Santa made a stop at our house and Abby was so excited to see what was under the tree! After opening our presents, it was nice to put our feet up while Abby played and enjoyed the glow of the fake fire of the Disney Fireplace and enjoy the glow of the Christmas tree while Abby played!  I wish I wasn’t flaring but at least we are all at home together! My parents come in town tomorrow for another round of Christmas fun! Hopefully we can squeeze in a visit to the doctor between filling up on turkey and sugar cookies!


One comment on “Sickness Cannot Ruin Christmas

  1. Amber says:

    I hope everyone feels better!


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