MugSwap 2011!

Who doesn’t love a good round of Secret Santa?


Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog put together a super fun Secret-Santa-ish party for bloggers called Mug Swap! The tradition started last year but this was my first year participating and it was so much fun! The rules included creating a mug with your blog’s name/image/brand etc and shipping it to your match! I created my mug on! It was so easy to do! Plus they always have good coupons codes floating around the interwebs so you get to make a fun gift without breaking the bank!


After getting my mug created and shipped out, I eagerly awaited the arrival of a mug from my secret Santa! Ok – eagerly awaited isn’t entirely accurate. Its more like I stalked the mailbox! When we arrived home Saturday from the beach, I had a package sitting on my counter (one of our youth at church kept an eye on our dogs and brought in the mail). Once I saw that the package was from Zazzle, I immediately did a happy dance! I ripped open the box in .3 seconds I delicately opened the box and squealed with excitement as this is what I found:

 That Nolen Chick Mug

 That Nolen Chick Mug

My wonderful Secret-Mug-Swapper was April from That Nolen Chick!  She knew of my love of NCIS and she tried to shove Gibbs in the box for me but he didn’t quite fit! Instead I got an Abby joke! I love my mug! It makes me smile every time I use it!


So glad I got the chance to participate this year! My brain is already trying to come up with ideas for MugSwap2012!



7 comments on “MugSwap 2011!

  1. cheryl says:

    i love mugs that have a special meaning attached. and big mugs for soup….i SWEAR soup tastes cozier in a mug than a bowl

  2. Ha! Is that an Abby joke? I had no idea. But it’s one of my favorites, and now I can totally picture Abby saying it. I wanted to fill the mug with goodies, but I know you have some food issues…

    Every time you drink, think of Gibbs and take a “Gibbs sip” in his honor.


  3. The Pro Diva says:

    This is such a great idea! i wonder if a few of the ladies in my office would be interested in doing something like this…..

  4. I’ve gotta get myself a mug with a joke on. I’m so jealous!

  5. Leighann says:

    Love this mug!! So cute and funny

  6. Galit Breen says:

    Hooray! Love seeing the swap come together- and of course the lovely {and funny!} mugs! Love!

  7. liz says:

    Her quote makes me happy!!


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