Merry Christmas Early!

I am so ready to get Christmas vacation started! I am just staring at the clock at working and praying that the email from Dr B will come in saying that we can leave!

Our Christmas has already started as John & I exchanged gifts on Wednesday night as we like to have that to ourselves and enjoy that time as a couple. It was great! John definitely spoiled me! He bought me a beautiful velvet blaze! And a beautiful dress! And a VB bag! Woo-Woo! He did so good! He definitely made me feel special! He also enjoyed what I got him and that made me feel good. I think he was definitely shocked that I got him a basketball (even though it was on his list). I recommend exchanging wish lists for any couple who does Christmas shopping on a budget! This has definitely been the best Christmas by far since we’ve been married! Hopefully it keeps getting better since we leave today for Virginia!! YAY! I am SO excited to see my family! It feels like its been forever!

I really wish that I could have given them the Christmas present of news about adding a baby to the family but I don’t 🙁 AF showed today after being a week late (which will make traveling wonderful). My body has gone absolutely crazy! My cycles had gotten normal for the first 5 or 6 months after surgery but now they are back to being wacky. I can’t standing questioning every month if I’m late or just having a crazy cycle especially since we have a very little chance of getting pg on our own. I really think I want to go on bcp until we are ready for IVF. I want to take that time to just enjoy being married and being with each other. While I’m excited about moving to the next step, I really want some peace while we wait. I have an appt with Dr H the day after Christmas so I think I’m going to be asking her about that. So I guess we will see!

I love hearing from you!

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